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I’m just going to go through and list ALL the Neilsen ratings info that have been sent in over the last three weeks to me by everyone as well as some opinions on the ratings that I’ve received..


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Over at the smiling The WB, those spunky Gilmore Girls opened season two with a solid 5.0/ 7 from 8-10 p.m. – 19 percent above UPN for the night and 9 percent above its series debut on Thursday, Oct. 5. 2000. Although week two of UPN’s Buffy was fit at a comfortable 4.8/ 7 at 8 p.m. (on par with year ago levels on The WB), Roswell made its UPN debut with a disappointing (and last place) 3.6/ 5 at 9 p.m. – 25 percent below Buffy.

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talks about few of the shows rating and it does tell about roswell

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Did you know that Roswell’s premiere broke ratings records for UPN? See the article below. Roswell is mentioned at the end. Sure, compared to other shows, the ratings are still lacking, but at least the show was a boost for the sagging UPN. I am so psyched. By the way, I brought the Roswell pilot in to my office and played it during lunch in our lunchroom. The result: at least three new converts to the show–they watched the premiere that nite and are hooked! I highly recommend folks do this wherever, whenever they can. People were really impressed by the show, and everyone was drooling over Max.

‘Gilmore Girls’ Warms Up to New Timeslot
Wed, Oct 10, 2001 06:21 PM PDT

LOS ANGELES ( – “Buffy’s” old timeslot on The WB appears to be treating the “Gilmore Girls” right.

Tuesday night’s (Oct. 9) second season premiere of “Gilmore Girls” drew the show’s highest audience ever in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” old timeslot, pulling 6.6 million viewers to the mother-daughter drama. “Girls” even managed to beat “Buffy’s” second episode in viewers (6.6 to 5.6 million), although the win was not across the board.

“Gilmore Girls'” audience turnout also increased upon “Buffy’s” performance the previous year (5.8 million viewers), when the show was still on The WB, although the vampire slayer was competing with the Olympics at the time. Last week, “Buffy’s” premiere on UPN pulled 7.7 million viewers in the Tuesdays at 8 p.m. timeslot.

While the ladies of Stars Hollow performed well in female demographics, particularly among women 12-34, in which they led the timeslot, the “Girls” was outperformed by the Sunnydale demon hunters among adults 18-49 and adults 18-34.

Regardless, “Gilmore Girls” increased upon last season’s premiere by 23 percent in adults 18-34 and 45 percent in women 18-34 and 30 percent in total viewers.

Meanwhile, at 9 p.m. UPN’s premiere of “Roswell,” also formerly a WB series, broke records for the network, pulling 3.9 million viewers. The sci fi drama improved UPN’s performance in the timeslot last year by 30 percent in viewers, 75 percent among adults 18-34 and 31 percent in adults 18-49. The teen drama also built upon its premiere last year, while still on The WB, up 17 percent in adults 18-34 and 109 percent among men 18-34.


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Good news here, ha ha ha WB, way to mess up a good

“The WB continues to have mixed results on Monday with
Angel at 9 p.m. (4.0/ 5) holding only 59 percent of
its 7th Heaven lead-in (6.8/10). On the comparable
year ago night, former time period occupant Roswell
posted a slightly more potent 4.2/ 6.”

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I am a huge Roswell fan and I’m hoping it’s around for years to come, but if you look at the ratings it may not be around after this year. Smallville crushed it in the ratings. I do believe those ratings will go down some because the first episode is usually so hyped up it gets strong ratings. The bad thing about Roswell is that it’s ratings are declining. You need to put the message out for people to watch Roswell and have them get more people to watch it because if we don’t there will be no more Roswell. They had a 2.8 rating this week and that’s not good. UPN has some terrible shows that are getting better ratings so I think there should be another campaign to get people to watch. Thanks for your time.

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Roswell which took a 2.8/4 (3.6/5).
the premiere of Smallville which delivered strong numbers at 9 p.m., 6.7/10.

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The LA Times just published the national Nielsen ratings for last week.
Roswell’s ranking was 107 out of a total of 110 shows (not too good) with
3.03 million viewers. Buffy the Vampire Slayer ranked 82 with 6.03 viewers.
So almost half of Buffy’s viewers changed the channel when Roswell aired.
By contrast, the #1 show was ER with 26.71 million viewers. UPN was the
least watched of all the networks.

The premiere episode of Smallville which airs on the WB at the same time as
Roswell ranked #62 with 8.35 million viewers.

You can read the complete article and all the rankings at:,1419,L-LATimes-Calendar-X!ArticleDetail-45