Roswell in Entertainment Weekly – Spoilers??

Thanks to Anne for this :)

Under “What to Watch” in Entertainment Weekly magazine, page 160, Roswell have just been recently added. However, the reviewer (Dalton Ross) doesn’t sound too thrilled about the way season 3 is heading towards.

Roswell (UPN, TV-PG)

Well, it’s not exactly Monica and Chandler (or even Lily and Rick, for that matter), but more TV nuptials abound as extraterrestrial sexpot Isabel (Katherine Heigl) weds her new beau, Jessie (Adam Rodriguez, left with Heigl). But as with any wedding, there are always last-minute hitches: The invitations are late, the dress doesn’t fit, some intergalactic evil guy is threatening to crash the party- you know, the usual stuff. This teen sci-fi drama has been a bit rudderless since its promising 1999debut, but that’s nothing a little sweeps stunt can’t solve, right? Wrong. B-

The picture shows Jessie and Isabel posing as newlyweds. The caption at the bottom of the picture says: Yo, fix your tie, dude!