End of Tabasco Road?

Thanks to Thicket who found this article. While it is nice to have any mention of Roswell and our campaigns in the press, there is a huge distortion in the facts presented here, and it is most unfortunate that a paper with such a large audience has done this. There are no mass mail in campaigns of tabasco currently underway, nor have they ever started this early. In fact the last two campaigns involving UPN resulted in more than 12,000 bottles of Tabasco being sent in last year, and with $16,000 being raised to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation as a thank you to the network. To say that only 100 bottles of tabasco have been sent in and to compare that to the thousands we have done in the past is like comparing apples to elephants. It is our sincere hope that as the future of Roswell is decided, the press will focus on some of the charity events we have put together as fans (raising more than $125,000 in the last 2 and a half years) and some of the other aspects of the strong Roswell fan base. — NetRanger

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End of Tabasco Road?
‘Roswell’ may face extinction

Daily News TV Editor

Like the spaceship that got them here, the aliens on UPN’s drama “Roswell” may soon suffer a crash-landing.

UPN programmers revealed this week that it will shelve the show for seven weeks beginning in March in order to launch two sitcoms.

The news may soon get worse. UPN executives are said to be talking about cutting back the network’s episode order for the show, never a good sign.

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Being on the edge of cancellation is nothing new for “Roswell” and its followers. Near the end of its first season, sensing the show wouldn’t be renewed, fans swamped executives at the WB with thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce, the aliens’ favorite food.

They did so again last spring, when the WB was ready to walk.

“Roswell is such a cult show,” Brill said. “From the time it began it was almost canceled, and the only thing that seemed to get it renewed was the Tabasco campaign.”

This time, however, there doesn’t appear as much support for the show. UPN has gotten fewer than 100 bottles of Tabasco sauce, along with e-mails and letters.

However, “Roswell” is the highest-ranking show at the fan Web site, where viewers vote to save their favorite programs. Of the 8,774 voters on the site, 6,801 asked that “Roswell” be saved.

At the unofficial “Roswell” fan site,, a grass-roots campaign is underway to save the show. According to the site, fans of the show have considered sending Snapple caps to UPN and CBS, which runs UPN, suggesting the network “not put a cap” on the show.

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