Grassroots Campaigning

From Campaign Crew:

As we’re in the home stretch for this season, and February sweeps is rapidly approaching, it is imperative that all Roswell fans do what they can to promote Roswell and recruit viewers if ratings are to improve.

Speak up about Roswell to friends, family, coworkers, classmates and anyone else you can think of. Contact media outlets – national and local – about mentioning Roswell and writing articles on Roswell.

Joe from has provided the following image to promote the January 29th episode, I Married an Alien. It can be used for flyers, sent in emails or posted on message boards. Take advantage of it:

You can also visit the Grassroots Campaign thread at the Roswell 2 board for info on additional campaigns:

And please remember to spread the word about the importance of this grassroots campaigning at as many other Roswell sites, boards, clubs and groups as you can.

Thanks for your support, everyone! If we each do our part in campaigning for Roswell, we can make a difference. It’s now or never!