Roswell farewell in “Ignite” magazine

Thanks to MyrnaLynne for this.

“Ignite” magazine, September 2002, p. 86

“On the Tube – Say Farewell to Felicity & Roswell”

Last season we saw two incredibly popular series come to an end. Why were
they cancelled? We have no idea! After all, we loved the drama and
intrigue of ‘Roswell,’ and the day-to-day soap opera of Felicity. They were
two of the shows that launched The WB (although Roswell later moved to
UPN)… and we’re going to miss them when the fall season rolls around.


Everyone finds the mysteries surrounding Roswell and the possibility that
there are aliens among us interesting. Who knew just how addicting the
lives of those aliens could be before The WB show Roswell first aired?
There are no little green men here, just three teenage aliens struggling to
live undetected in alien-crazed Roswell, New Mexico. They are trying to
uncover the truth about their existence with the help of three human
teenagers, who must protect their secret at all costs. Roswell made us
truly appreciate science fiction, but UPN has decided to pull the show after
this season.

However, the stars aren’t wasting any time crying over the cancellation —
they’re too busy! Majandra Delfino is concentrating on her music. She
recently released a dark, funky CD titled “The Sicks” and is planning to
spend her time working on another album. Brendan Fehr is moving back to his
home country of Canada, and has two short Canadian films being released
later this year. Shiri Appleby is starring in a new thriller, “Swimfan”
that will also be released later this year. The film centers around a
promising high school swimmer whose one night stand leads to deadly
consequences. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more Roswell star
sightings. They’ll be landing near you soon!


Original Air Date: October 18, 2000

While working at her parents’ restaurant, Liz becomes involved in a violent
fight and is shot. Alien Max rushes to help and heals her wound with his
hand. Max runs off and leaves Liz amazed and Sheriff Valenti suspicious.
Later, Max admits to Liz that Isabel, Michael and he are the offspring of
the aliens involved in the 1947 spaceship crash.

Heat Wave
Original Air Date: December 13, 2001

Liz sees Maria and Michael making out and wonders why nothing has happened
between her and Max. Alex begins to consider telling Sheriff Valenti
everything he knows, so Isabel enters his dreams to try to stop him, only to
learn that he is dreaming of her. Alex and Liz are arrested at a party and
Liz tells Alex everything about the aliens. Later, Max visits Liz on her
roof and they finally kiss for the first time.

Blind Date
Original Air Date: January 23, 2002

Maria enters Liz in a dream date contest for Valentine’s Day, and she wins.
She is forced into the spotlight and goes on a date with a cute college guy.
Both Max and Kyle are jealous and they go on a drunken rampage in Liz’s
room. Max then kidnaps Liz from her date and confesses his true feelings
for her. Max kisses here and she sees visions of herself. Max runs off,
leaving Liz heartbroken.

Sexual Healing
Original Air Date: February 7, 2002

While kissing Max, Liz has visions of Max, Michael and Isabel’s ship
crashing to earth. Max and Liz are unable to keep their hands off each
other, and even get caught fooling around in school. They head out to the
crash site to consummate their relationship, but instead uncover a glowing
alien symbol buried in the ground.

The White Room
Original Air Date: March 31, 2002

Max is taken to a secret FBI base, where he is tortured and questioned by
Agent Pierce, who conducts experiments on Max and learns that he is not
human. Agent Pierce admits to catching two aliens after the 1947 crash, but
that one escaped. He believes that Max knows where that alien is, and
threatens Liz’s life if Max refuses to tell him. The others plan to rescue
Max. Liz wants to ask Sheriff Valenti for help, but Michael refuses to let
her. Liz goes to the sheriff behind Michael’s back, and he ends up helping
the group rescue Max and escape.