2004 Calendars and Cast Autographs

From RoswellMouse

The 2004 Roswell Calendar will be shipping in November, 2003. The Pre-Order period is over, but a limited number (very limited) of calendars are still available. Buy yours now before they are gone!

Price is now $20.99
+S&H: $2.95 US
$4.45 Canada & Mexico
$6.95 Everywhere Else

A reminder to all who ordered with money orders:

If you haven’t mailed your money order in, get it done. Yearbox will be putting a deadline on when money orders HAVE to be in, and if yours isn’t in, your calendar will be sold to someone else.

Now for the good news!!

As of now, we’ve pre- sold 432 calendars. This means that so far we’ve made about $4500 for EGPAF!! Did we hit our goal? In a way, yes we did.:)

We’ve recieved an email from EGPAF requesting that 100 calendars be sent to them. They will in turn send them out to cast members to be signed. As soon as we’ve recieved all of these signed calendars, we will be setting up an auction on eBAY. There will be a minimum bid– probably about $45. The reason for this is that although we will have 100 calendars (which sounds like a lot) once you divide them up between the cast members, we won’t have very many for each actor. I don’t have a confirmed list of cast who have agreed to sign, but EGPAF is working on that today and going to get back to me ASAP so that i can let all of you know.

So, yes, we did reach our goal. We wanted to sell 500 calendars, and with your help we will sell 532, PLUS whatever sells between now and auction time.

Thanks to each and every one of you who helped with this fundraiser. It’s meant a great deal to all of who’ve worked on it and we sincerely hope that you enjoy your calendars!! :D