Roswell, New Mexico – Amber Midthunder Interview

Rosa is back. Max is dead. In a new added clip to The CW’s YouTube channel, actress Amber Midthunder talks about Rosa Ortecho: Roswell, New Mexico | Amber Midthunder – Interview | The CW

ISOBEL: Bad day?
ROSA: It just doesn’t matter what I do, you know what I mean? Like, it doesn’t matter how good I try to be. Everybody in this town is just aways going to remember me for the bad, no matter what.

Amber Midthunder: Rosa is a person with a lot of angst. She’s a person with a lot of anger and pain. Really, she’s just somebody who’s been hurt over and over again.

ROSA: I’m sorry that I don’t like you like that, okay? I don’t wanna hurt you, but you really have to leave me alone.

ISOBEL: I can be anything you want me to be.
ROSA: oh God.

Amber: That is not at all what Rosa signed up for.R Rosa was just looking for a friend. She was just looking for somebody who understood her, and that turned deadly.

LIZ: How? I don’t understand. Don’t be afraid. I’m here, it’s gonna be okay.

Amber: She always felt like she was the protector. She felt like she could at least try to hold on to Liz, try to guide her, and she doesn’t have that anymore, so that robs her a lot.

ROSA: What happend to him? How did I get here?
LIZ: Max is dead.

Amber: For Rosa to receive a sacrifice of that magnitude, I think it begs a lot of questions about worthiness and guilt.

LIZ: I’m going to explian everything to you, okay, but I need you to go wait in the car.
ROSA: No, I have to call 911. We need an ambulance.
LIZ: No, it’s too late!

Amber: Rosa is repeatedly the source of pain for Liz, when that’s the exact opposite of her intention. She is the cause of her sister losing somebody, who she loves, again.