#211 To Serve And Protect (1) – Primer

Written by Breen Frazier
Directed by Jefery Levy

Bored one night, Isabel dreamwalks Kyle. While in his dream, she receives disturbing visions of a young girl in trouble. Feeling what she saw was real, Isabel and Max go to Sheriff Valenti for help. He is skeptical at first, but Max explains it was Isabel’s visions that helped them find Tess when she was kidnapped earlier this year. Although he feels it will be hard to investigate, Valenti says he will look into the matter.

Meanwhile, an old friend of Valenti’s from the state police board, Dan Lubetkin, comes to Roswell to investigate the shooting of Everett Hubble – a man Valenti shot last year after the Roswell UFO convention. Dan becomes suspicious when he sees Max at the police station, connecting him to the same “Max Evans” eyewitnesses claim was with Everett Hubble before he was shot.

At the movies with Grant, Isabel has another vision of the girl and immediately goes to Valenti’s house with Max. Valenti tells them no one has been reported missing. Isabel reveals she saw a silver car in her vision, hoping this clue will help find the girl. After a troubled Isabel leaves, Valenti reassures Max – he believes Isabel is telling the truth and will go to the station to do what he can. On his way to work, Valenti stops at the Crashdown where he runs into an old classmate who tells him two startling things. One, she thinks her daughter, Melissa Foster, might be missing. And two, Melissa drives a silver car. Thinking Melissa is the kidnapped girl in Isabel’s visions, Valenti launches an investigation.

As the investigation begins, Isabel has another vision of the girl and sees Grant as the one who kidnapped her. Max and Isabel tell Valenti, who attempts to obtain a warrant to search Grant’s belongings. Unable to obtain the warrant, Valenti goes to Grant anyway and illegally searches through his things. Valenti returns to the station empty handed, and Dan questions Valenti about his erratic behavior and poor judgement. As he and Valenti begin to argue, Melissa Foster shows up. She wasn’t kidnapped at all, her car simply broke down and she didn’t call her mother.

Valenti secretly meets with Isabel and Max to tell them Melissa Foster has been found, and Isabel apologizes for being wrong. Valenti tells her he wants her to come to him if it ever happens again. When he returns to the station he discovers Grant has filed a lawsuit against him and the city. Dan begins to question Valenti about Max and Isabel, but when Valenti refuses to give him any information, Dan warns Valenti he’s skating on thin ice.

Later that evening Isabel has a detailed vision of the kidnapped girl’s whereabouts. She and Max call Valenti as he’s arguing with Dan. Valenti covers saying it’s a deputy calling, but Dan is suspicious. Valenti meets Max and Isabel at the place in her vision, Frazier Woods. There they discover a girl, Laurie Dupree, buried underground. As they dig her up, gunshots suddenly explode around them. Max quickly uses his powers to create a force field to hold off the incoming bullets, until Isabel can successfully remove the girl from the ground. When Max releases the force field, Valenti gets a shot off at the kidnapper, who gets away just as Dan shows up at the site.

In the end, Dan questions Valenti on how he found the girl and why he was in the woods with Max and Isabel, two civilians. When Valenti is once again vague about the kid’s involvement, Dan tells Valenti that whatever he’s covering up, he’s going to uncover. Isabel comforts Laurie as she’s lifted into an ambulance. When she touches her hand, Isabel flashes on something otherworldly. She tells Max there’s something about Laurie, “Like I know her.”

Meanwhile, Liz has admitted to Maria that she can’t get Max off her mind, and needs a life. Maria’s cousin Sean DeLuca then shows up in town, catching Liz’s interest. As Maria sets ground rules for Sean’s stay in Roswell, she warns him to stay away from Liz. At the same time, Kyle begins to wonder how he’s been changed by Max’s healing him. Tess takes advantage of the moment to play around with him by making him believe he may have powers.

Roswell Commentary With Breen Frazier

“One personal joy I got from writing this episode…

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