#220 Off The Menu – Primer

Written by Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner
Directed by Patrick Norris

When Brody uses an alien abduction simulation program to recover lost memories, an electrical problem enables him to remember his body being used as a vessel by Larek. Meanwhile, Tess arrives at the UFO Center to tell Max there’s a blackout in Roswell. A now confused Brody comes out and says he remembers them all being in New York. Brody pulls a gun on Max, but Max uses his powers to stop the bullet. Brody then shows Max that he captured the entire event on tape, and as he insists Max tell him who he really is, Amy, Maria and Sean come into the museum and are also taken hostage. Meanwhile, Hansen tells Valenti the entire town is under a blackout, and asks him what he would do. Valenti reminds Hansen he is no longer sheriff.

At the UFO Center, Brody begins ranting about his alien memories. Amy and Sean begin to say Brody is crazy, and irritated with them, Brody orders Tess and Max to tie them all up. Maria then gets a cell call from Liz, and attempts to give her an encrypted message. After Liz hangs up, she tells Isabel and Michael about the call, but not getting it, Isabel and Michael simply leave to pick up Max from work. Now tied up as well, Tess attempts to mindwarp Brody but is unable to get in because of his confused state of mind. Brody then pulls out the alien pentagon, which throws Tess and Max across the room as Max and Tess realize they can’t use their powers. Michael and Isabel then enter the museum and encounter Brody with a gun. Also not having use of their powers, Michael and Isabel run for the exit. Liz sees Michael and Isabel outside the Center and the three of them decide to go to Valenti.

Brody what he wants. Brody tells Valenti he wants food sent in. As Brody goes near Tess and Max, he remembers the place that the two of them first met on their planetÉDemoras Rock. Brody goes on to describe the area and we see that Tess, too, remembers. Max denies what Brody is saying is true, saying he and Tess have never been in love, while outside Hansen comes to the UFO Center. Seeing Hansen, Valenti calls him and tells he should check on the townÉthat he’ll take care of the Center. After Michael, Isabel and Liz prepare the food to be taken in to Brody, Valenti pins a camera on Liz’s lapel. Liz then takes the food into the UFO Center but as she leaves, Brody realizes the food tastes different. Brody concludes the food was prepared by aliens and insists Liz is one of them.

When Max verbally comes to Liz’s defense, Sean trips Brody who upset, points the gun at Liz. Valenti then calls an upset Brody, as Sean tells Liz to get his knife and cut upon his ties. When Sean tries to take Brody down, he is stabbed. Liz begs Max to heal Sean, but Max explains he can’t use his powers. Meanwhile, Deputy Hansen figures out something is wrong and Valenti tells Kyle, Isabel and Michael they need to activate an old lock-down panel at the Center before the cops arrive.

Inside the Center, Tess asks Max if he’s still in love with Liz. Tess then tells Max that everything Brody has said about them is true, as an injured Sean asks Liz out for a date. Max then decides to tell Brody everything he’s been saying is true, and almost buying into it Brody notices Liz wearing a camera. Upset again, Brody threatens to kill Liz. Max then again comes to Liz’s defense as sirens are heard outside and Brody demands they all move into the office. Outside we see Hansen has set up a Calvary to break into the center.

Now in the office, Max discovers Brody’s head device that short-circuited as he and Liz figure out that’s what enabled Brody to access Larek’s memories. Max says he can heal Brody, but needs Maria to get him to turn off the alien pentagon. Max then heals Brody who forgets what’s transpired, just as the police are about to break in. In order to protect what Max has said, Liz tells Sean if he’ll keep quiet she’ll go out with him while Tess uses her mindwarping powers to erase Amy’s memories.

Later that night, Max climbs into Tess’s room and tells her that when he healed Brody he saw these flashes from Larek, and that he remembers her.