#202 Ask Not – Transcript

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(Episode starts inside the Crashdown. Isabel, Maria, Tess, and Liz are dressed in dancing clothes and are getting into a dancing groove. Isabel sets up the music by using her powers on some CDs. The scene flashes back and forth from the party at the Crashdown to Max, who is running to the Crashdown as fast as he can to inform everyone of what happened to Nasedo)
MARIA: He’s watching, isn’t he?
(Liz looks at Michael, who is stealing glances at Maria. She nods to Maria)
MARIA: I knew he couldn’t resist. Come on.
LIZ: No.
MARIA: Come on.
LIZ: Maria, no.
MARIA: You know you want to. So, what’s up with you and Max?
LIZ: Nothing.
MARIA: Oh, I saw the way you looked at him. Did you have a flash?
(Liz laughs)
MARIA: I knew it.
(We see Max continue to run wildly through the streets. He avoids running into a man moving chairs and crashes into a table, but gets right back up and keeps running towards the Crashdown. Once he enters, he slumps to the ground, breathing heavily)
TESS: Max!
MAX: Nasedo’s dead.
MAX: He came to me, injured. Said…said it was another alien and that we’re all in danger. He died…in my arms. He…he died in my arms.
ISABEL: Oh, my God.
MICHAEL: We have to get Nasedo to the pod chamber…use the healing stones to revive him. Max, where is he? Where’s Nasedo?
MAX: In my room.
ISABEL: In your room?
MICHAEL: Where’s the jeep?
ISABEL: Out back. I’ll get the keys.
LIZ: Oh, Max, you’re hurt.
(Liz watches as Tess removes the bruise from Max’s face)
ALEX: What should we do?
MICHAEL: Nothing. Just go home.
MARIA: Wait. What about this other alien? Shouldn’t we at least try and go…
MICHAEL: I’ll handle it.
TESS: You’re not in charge here, Michael.
MICHAEL: Well, somebody has to be. Maxwell, let’s go. Come on.
(The Pod Squad arrives at the Pod Chamber with Nasedo. They use the stones and they glow brightly, then slowly fade)
TESS: It’s not working. Why isn’t it working?
MAX: I think whatever happened to him is…something we can’t reverse.
TESS: He can’t die. We need him.
ISABEL: I’m sorry, Tess.
MICHAEL: You said he mentioned another alien. What exactly did he say?
MAX: He said that we were all in danger…that the skins were among us.
MICHAEL: The skins.
MAX: What?
MICHAEL: I found this thing out by Pierce’s grave site. It looked like a snake skin. When I tried picking it up, it disintegrated.
(Nasedo’s body slowly dissolves into dust)
TESS: What do we do now, Max?
(Opening credits)

(We see a bus pull up to the Roswell Bus Depot. Kyle gets off the bus, having spent his summer at football camp. He looks around for his dad, who is nowhere to be seen. A couple hours later, Sheriff Valenti finally shows up)
KYLE: Hey.
SHERIFF: Welcome home, son. Oh…I’m sorry I’m late. How was football camp?
KYLE: It was great. It was great. You…you’re 2 hours late.
SHERIFF: Yeah, I know. I know. You came back at kind of a tough time, Kyle. You remember I told you about a man who was protecting Tess?
KYLE: Yeah. Noriega.
SHERIFF: Nasedo. Yeah. He, um…he was killed last night…by another alien.
KYLE: My strength fails. My vitality exhausted. I cannot find the bull. I only hear the locusts chirring through the night.
KYLE: Nothing.
SHERIFF: You ok?
KYLE: Yeah. I just…I’m just not looking forward to dealing with all the little green men again.
SHERIFF: Well, listen, maybe you should…maybe you should cut ’em a little slack, Kyle. I mean, after all, Max Evans did save your life.
KYLE: Damn human of him. Of course, he is the reason I got shot in the first place, but what the hell. No conditions are permanent. No conditions are reliable. Nothing is self.
(Kyle walks to the car, leaving Sheriff Valenti with a puzzled look on his face)
(Michael and Isabel are talking in the hallway at school)
MICHAEL: Come back to school. What a great plan.
ISABEL: I am so not having this conversation.
MICHAEL: You realize the killer could be here right now…walking the halls looking for us…and gee, where are we? Hey, we’re right here, just waiting to be found.
ISABEL: You know what? Stop, ok? Stop putting me in the middle of this. If you have a problem, take it to Max. He’s the leader.
MICHAEL: If we’re not careful, he’s gonna get us all killed.
(Max walks up to them)
MICHAEL: Hi. Gotta go. Bell rang.
(Michael takes off)
MAX: We’re doing the right thing. Until we know what we’re up against, we’ve got to keep our heads down. Try to blend in.
ISABEL: I hope so. I’m too young to be dust.
(Max walks through the halls. We see him through the skin’s eyes. Max feels like he’s being watches and ducks behind a corner. He slowly looks back and sees the door to the storage room close. He walks up to the room, opens the door quickly, and creates an energy field between himself and the person in front of him…who happens to be a welder with his mask on)
WELDER: What was that?
MAX: What was what?
(Welder takes off his mask and looks at it funny)
(In history class, Mr Lafeber is talking about the leadership skills of John F. Kennedy)
LAFEBER : What does it mean to be a leader? In the fall of 1962, John Kennedy was still a young man. The Soviets thought he was a pushover, and at that point most Americans would have agreed. And yet, John Kennedy would rise to the occasion, face down the Soviets, and bring the world back from the brink of nuclear war. Now, this week as we study the missile crisis in detail, I want you to think of John Kennedy, the man. Think what it would feel like to hold the fate of an entire nation in your hands. Imagine what it would be like to come face to face with the very real possibility that your next decision could literally mean the end of the world.
(Max arrives at the UFO Center. There are movers milling about, moving lots of crates inside. Brody Davis, the new owner, walks up to him)
BRODY: Are you Max Evans?
MAX: Yeah. Who are you?
BRODY: Brody Davis. You’re working for me now.
MAX: Excuse me? Milton didn’t tell me…
BRODY: Milton’s gone. I bought him out.
MAX: He sold the UFO center? This was his life’s work.
BRODY: Things change.
MAX: What’s all this stuff?
BRODY: I’m making some improvements. You know, we don’t need you here tonight. Go home.
MAX: But I’m not finished…
BRODY: I said go home. Evans? If anybody asks, you never saw any of this.
(Max is on his way home when he sees Tess sitting on a bench gazing up at the stars)
TESS: Hey, Max.
MAX: Hey. You ok?
TESS: No. He tried to prepare me for this, you know? He said there might come a time when…he wouldn’t be around anymore and I’d have to fend for myself. Somehow I…I always thought it wouldn’t come until we were back home.
MAX: When you say home, you mean…
TESS: Home.
(Switch to Maria and Liz in Maria’s car)
MARIA: It is just a matter of time before you weaken.
LIZ: Thank you.
MARIA: It’s not a dig. It’s just a fact. You are in love with him. You can’t live without him, and you’re going to get back together with him.
LIZ: No. That’s not true. I walked away. From him and her and the entire situation.
MARIA: Her? There is no “her”. Max doesn’t care about Tess. He’s never gonna care about Tess. The only thing he’s interested in…
(Maria happens to drive by and sees Max and Tess walking together along the street)
MARIA: Oh, God.
(Liz looks out the window and sees them together)
LIZ: Maria, whatever you’re about to say, just don’t, ok?
(Switch back to Max and Tess’ conversation)
MAX: You remember our world?
TESS: Not clearly. Images, mostly. Impressions, feelings.
MAX: How?
TESS: Nasedo taught me a few memory retrieval techniques. I can show them to you some time.
MAX: Sure.
TESS: “Sure, Tess. As long as you keep your hands off me.” It’s ok. I know how you feel about me…how everyone feels about me.
MAX: It’s not that I dislike you.
TESS: You don’t have to spare my feelings. Nasedo taught me not to get wrapped up in…this. It’s not really who I am. I’m not human. Neither are you.
MAX: It’s the only life I’ve ever known.
TESS: That’s not true. You lived another life, Max…a life completely different from this one…a life when you loved me.
(Tess reaches out to touch Max’s cheek. He lifts his hand to her hand and slowly removes it from his face)
MAX: I don’t remember that.
TESS: I do.
(There is a noise from inside the house)
MAX: What was that?
TESS: Someone’s inside.
(Max and Tess enter her house and Max races through to the back. The back gate swings slowly as Max reaches it)
TESS: Maybe it was just a burglar.
(Max examines the bushes nearby and finds a piece of shedded skin)
MAX: I don’t think so.
(It’s late at night at the Valenti residence. Sheriff Valenti hears some noise and grabs his gun. He slowly opens the door and finds Max and Tess on his front porch)
MAX: No problem. We need your help.
(Morning at the Valenti household…Kyle’s alarm goes off and he rolls out of bed and immediately does some pushups)
KYLE: 2…3…
(Kyle walks out of his bedroom, looks around, and does a double take as he sees Tess sleeping on the couch)
KYLE: Dad!
TESS: Morning.
KYLE: Yes, morning. What the hell are you doing here?
TESS: I live here.
(Tess looks at Kyle’s boxers)
TESS: Calvin Klein. I approve.
KYLE: Dad!
(Congresswoman Whitaker arrives at her office, where Liz is already hard at work)
LIZ: Hi.
WHITAKER: Are there any other messages? Did Mr. Pierce call?
LIZ: No.
WHITAKER: Look at me…waiting for my boyfriend to call. Which one of us is in high school?
(Congresswoman Whitaker enters her room. Liz takes a moment to come up with a reason why Pierce won’t be stopping by anymore)
LIZ: Actually, Congresswoman…Agent Pierce isn’t coming back…ever.
WHITAKER: What are you talking about? You make it sound like he’s dead.
LIZ: No, no, no. Um…uh…you see, he left this message, a voicemail, saying that he was going away and he wasn’t coming back ever and that it was over between the two of you.
WHITAKER: I want to hear it.
LIZ: Um…I erased it. It was really harsh and cold and…you know, trust me, you just…you didn’t want to hear it.
WHITAKER: I can make those decisions for myself, Parker. I’m a big girl.
LIZ: I’m sorry.
WHITAKER: Voicemail.
(In history class, Mr. Lafeber is discussing more of the Cuban Missile Crisis)
LAFEBER: Day 4 of the crisis. Kennedy is getting pressure from all sides. The military wants an attack. The diplomats want a blockade. So what is he supposed to do? One thing is clear: he’s running out of time. The missiles in Cuba will become operational any day now. Unless he acts…and acts soon, he runs the risk of allowing events to control him. So right or wrong, a choice has to be made, and it has to be made right now.
(At the UFO Center, Max decides to take a look around. He breaks into Brody’s secure area. Among other things, he sees a map on the monitor screen with a note at Roswell, New Mexico: Pulse detected 4:33pm, May 14th. He also sees a pentagram device and reaches out to touch it)
MAX: May 14th. Oh, my God.
BRODY: Don’t touch that! What are you doing in here?
MAX: Just looking around. I was curious about all the equipment you brought in.
(Brody picks up the pentagram device)
BRODY: You recognize this?
MAX: No. What is it?
BRODY: I’m asking the questions. Why were you reaching for it?
MAX: Just curious again.
BRODY: It’s over, Evans. Go home. Don’t come back. You’re fired.
(Maria pays a visit to Liz at Whitaker’s office the next morning)
MARIA: Hey, I think I know why Max and Tess were, you know, together last night. He was just playing bodyguard. He was walking her home in case the, uh, killer was following her.
LIZ: You know, you don’t have to make excuses for him.
MARIA: Who’s making excuses? I’m just trying to help him, help you, you know, help the situation.
LIZ: Did he send you here?
LIZ: He did, didn’t he?
MARIA: Not this time. I mean…no. No, of course not.
LIZ: Maria, I thought that you were my friend.
MARIA: This is so unfair. I care about you both. I just want you guys to be happy and together.
LIZ: Maria, will you do me a favor? Will you keep your big fat nose out of this?
MARIA: Message received. Man!
LIZ: Look, I have a lot of work to do, so just…
MARIA: Fine, fine. You weren’t…you weren’t serious about the big fat nose…
LIZ: Good-bye.
(Maria leaves and Liz goes back to work. She hears a grinding noise coming from Congresswoman Whitaker’s room and decides to investigate. She knocks on the door before entering, and finds Congresswoman Whitaker drinking alcohol while shredding some files)
LIZ: Oh.
WHITAKER: Not a very pretty sight, is it?
LIZ: You know, I wasn’t…I wasn’t thinking.
WHITAKER: Don’t be shy. It’s not every day you walk in on your boss drinking and shredding…but then again, you’ve never worked in Washington.
LIZ: Is there anything I can do?
WHITAKER: You wanna help? Grab a file. Feed the beast.
LIZ: You’re shredding all the alien files?
WHITAKER: I am shredding Special Agent Pierce and everything having to do with him. You ever been in love, Parker?
LIZ: Once.
WHITAKER: He dumped you, too?
LIZ: Not exactly.
WHITAKER: What, you left him?
LIZ: There was just someone else in his life.
WHITAKER: But you walked. See? You go, girl. Don’t you let any man pull that crap on you, you know?
LIZ: Yeah.
WHITAKER: Yeah. Who is this bitch who moved in on your man?
LIZ: Oh, she’s, um, just someone. This girl from his past.
WHITAKER: Oh. Worst kind.
LIZ: You know, she’s not that bad.
WHITAKER: Yeah, right. Like you don’t hate her.
LIZ: Maybe a little bit.
WHITAKER: Uh-huh. See, now, let it out. The truth will set you free.
LIZ: Ok. I…I do. I hate her.
WHITAKER: That is more like it! Now, does this tramp have a name?
LIZ: Tess!
WHITAKER: Tess?! What is that? I hate her already.
LIZ: I know!
(The phone rings in the outer room)
LIZ: Oh, ok. I gotta get the phone. Um, are you ok?
LIZ: Ok.
(After Liz leaves the room, Congresswoman Whitaker’s face darkens. She was obviously pumping Liz for information)
(Kyle strolls into his room to find Tess on his bed reading one of his magazines)
KYLE: Hey. This is my room and that’s my jersey.
TESS: Sorry.
(Tess starts to take off Kyle’s jersey)
KYLE: No! All right, look. You wear it.
TESS: Kind of uptight about nudity, aren’t you, for a guy who reads Jugs?
KYLE: Give me that!
TESS: Oh…the post-its? Nice touch.
KYLE: All right. Ok, listen. I don’t know how you do things on planet Vulcan or whatever, but here on Earth we have this primitive human concept called privacy.
TESS: Keep talking to me like that and I’ll slag you with my death-ray eyes.
(Kyle looks a bit uncertain)
TESS: Kidding. You Buddhists have, like, no sense of humor.
KYLE: How do you know about that?
TESS: “Buddhism for Beginners” is also under your bed. How do you think the Buddha would feel about being sandwiched between Hustler and Busty Biker Babes?
KYLE: Look, you can’t tell anyone about that.
TESS: Why?
KYLE: Because I have a certain reputation.
TESS: Of which, the less said the better.
KYLE: I’m serious.
TESS: Kyle Valenti, Buddhist.
KYLE: Look, I got into it over the summer…
TESS: At football camp. They’re crazy about it.
KYLE: Listen! This…this whole aliens-are-among-us thing…it really screwed me up…made me question stuff…life, reality, my place in this universe…and you don’t understand. You…you guys…you people turned my life upside down. I need a little clarity. I need a little peace of mind.
TESS: No, I don’t understand. I’m a girl from another planet. No family, no friends. Only 3 other people like me in the world. And the man I grew up with…the man who raised me…he was just murdered. You’re right, Kyle. What would I know about needing peace of mind?
(Tess leaves the room and Kyle is taken aback by her comments. He didn’t realize she might be going through the same thing he is)
KYLE: Sorry.
(At some bleachers, Max explains to Michael and Isabel what happened to him at the UFO Center)
MAX: It was shaped like a pentagon, and it was definitely alien.
MICHAEL: An alien device in the hands of a perfect stranger…a stranger who just happens to buy the UFO center from Milton, or so he says.
MAX: What’s that supposed to mean?
MICHAEL: Why would Milton sell? That stupid tourist trap was his life. So one day he just sells to this guy, takes the money and disappears? No, I don’t think so.
MAX: So you’re saying he killed Milton?
MICHAEL: Well, after killing Nasedo, killing Milton would be like swatting a fly.
ISABEL: If he killed Nasedo.
MICHAEL: Yeah. He’s also interested in something that happened on May 14th.
ISABEL: All right, so it’s the day that we got the message from our mother, but that doesn’t really prove anything…
MICHAEL: Will you wake up!?! Nasedo told us before we activated the orbs that we might be telling our enemies where we are.
MAX: Keep your voice down.
MICHAEL: Yes, sir. What do you want to do next, fearless leader?
MAX: I’m gonna talk to Valenti…have him try to find Milton. Hopefully he’s still alive and just on vacation somewhere. Which means he can tell us more about Brody and how he…
MICHAEL: Instead of all this talk, why don’t we just break into the UFO center and take the damn thing?
MAX: Because it’s too dangerous. If he is a skin, our best protection right now is that he doesn’t know who we really are.
MICHAEL: I say that’s a load of crap. But ok, fine. We got one vote for breaking in and we got one against. Isabel?
ISABEL: Don’t put this on me, Michael.
MAX: We are not voting on this, Michael. I’ve made my decision. That is the end of it.
MICHAEL: You know, Maxwell, I don’t remember this other life we’re supposed to have lived, but I do know I was your trusted second-in-command, and I am pretty damned sure that you used to listen to me.
(As expected, Michael disobeys Max’s orders and goes to the UFO Center to investigate. Hiding behind one of the exhibits, he sees Brody walk out of a room with the pentagram device in his hand. It starts making some noises and then releases a blue blast of energy which knocks Michael across the room. Brody is surprised that someone was in the UFO Center and rushes over to where Michael landed)
BRODY: Who’s there?! Stay where you are! Hey! Don’t move!
(Michael, visibly hurt, limps out of the UFO Center)
BRODY: Hey! Hey!
(Back at the Evans household, Isabel is checking to see if Michael is ok)
ISABEL: They don’t feel broken.
(Michael winces)
MICHAEL: Yeah. Not to you.
MAX: Nice move, Michael. How many times do we have to have the same conversation? How many times do I…
ISABEL: Knock it off, Max! All right? He’s been through enough. He doesn’t need a lecture.
MICHAEL: Thank you. Better late than never.
MAX: I just don’t want to see any of us get hurt.
ISABEL: I know…but someone did get hurt. Michael nearly got killed tonight. Nasedo already has been killed. Something has to be done, Max. We have to do something about Brody.
MAX: What are you saying?
ISABEL: We have to kill him.
ISABEL: He used an alien weapon. What human could do that? He’s a skin…whatever that means. And he killed Nasedo and he’s been stalking the rest of us. We’re at war. It’s him or us, and I choose us.
MICHAEL: Me, too.
(The following day in History class, Mr. Lafeber continues the series on John F. Kennedy)
LAFEBER: What will he do? An American spy plane has just been shot down over Cuba. The American pilot is dead. There is enormous pressure to strike back, but is it the right move? At the right time? Kennedy has no shortage of advice. His own brother Bobby is doubting him, but in the end, it’s his call, and whatever course he chooses, history will be his final judge.
(Max is discussing his problem with Maria)
MAX: How did he know? How did Kennedy know to be tough with the Russians early but later to hang back and play it safe, even after they shot down the U2?
MARIA: I don’t know.
MAX: I don’t either. That’s the problem. I’m supposed to be this great leader, but I don’t know how to make these kinds of decisions. I don’t have that kind of insight. How am I supposed to know what’s the right course of action?
MARIA: Hmm. I have a thought.
(Maria grabs a book and pretends to whack Max with it a few times)
MARIA: What are you talking about?! Here you are giving me this history lesson. You haven’t even told me what the hell’s going on, Max.
MAX: I know. I’m sorry. Look, I’m just trying to figure out how to…
MARIA: Yes, yes. You’re trying to figure out how to be a leader. All right. Here’s a little insight. JFK. He’s not so great. Cheated on his wife with tramps. Ohhhh…now there’s something you and Jack have in common. You’re both involved with tramps. How is Tess, by the way?
MAX: I’m not involved with Tess.
MARIA: Just taking midnight strolls with her?
MAX: You saw us?
MARIA: Yeah. WE saw you…as in, Liz and I saw you together. Looked like a pretty romantic evening to me. Maybe a little patty-cake on the front porch before you said good night?
MAX: No. It’s just…it’s a long story.
MARIA: Oh, well, I certainly don’t want to hear a long story unless there’s a Kennedy involved.
MAX: I love Liz.
MARIA: I know you love Liz, Max. You’ve been telling me that the entire summer. But now that she’s back, I’m the one who’s doing all the work here.
MAX: What am I supposed to do?
MARIA: I don’t know. Do something. Show her how you feel, and please, please…do it now. Look, I’m sorry. I know that you’re dealing with this “Roswell Missile Crisis” or something…just try and follow your heart. I mean, isn’t that what the great leaders always do?
(Max, Michael, and Isabel prepare to enter the UFO Center and deal with Brody)
MAX: Let’s do it.
(As Max walks through the exhibit hall, he gets continuous flashes of Pierce being thrown across the room as Michael unleashes his power, Hubble being shot, Liz being shot, and himself being tortured in the white room. He then starts seeing images of JFK along with those other images, and realizes he can’t let the situation dictate his course of action)
MAX: No. We can’t do this.
MICHAEL: What!?!
MAX: This isn’t us.
ISABEL: I know what you’re saying, but we have to do something.
MICHAEL: Brody’s dead. End of subject.
(Max erects a force field between himself and Michael and Isabel to prevent them from proceeding further)
MICHAEL: What the hell?
ISABEL: When did you learn to do that?
MAX: Awhile ago. Just wait here.
ISABEL: What are you gonna do?
MAX: Face him. Find out the truth.
MICHAEL: And if he kills you?
MAX: Then you can be fearless leader.
(Max walks into Brody’s secure area)
MAX: What are you doing in Roswell?
BRODY: Is this one of those “disgruntled ex-employee shows up late at night to kill his boss” stories?
MAX: I’d hate for it to turn into that. Why won’t you answer the question?
BRODY: Because I’m not here to answer your questions.
MAX: No. You’re here because of what happened on May 14th.
BRODY: How do you know about May 14th?
MAX: It’s all over your files.
BRODY: You rehearsed that answer. You’re here because of this.
(Brody reaches for the pentagram device and Max grabs his arm)
MAX: You’re one of us, aren’t you?
BRODY: That’s right. I suspected we were alike, but I wasn’t sure.
MAX: Why are you here? What do you want?
BRODY: What we all want. To re-establish contact. Maybe even to go back. Will you let go of me now?
(Max releases Brody’s arm)
BRODY: Do you remember what happened?
MAX: Not entirely.
BRODY: Me neither. 2 years of recovered-memory therapy and still the only thing I can remember about my abduction is the color of the walls, the smell of burnt hair.
MAX: Abduction?
BRODY: Yeah, I know. I hate the word, too. I mean, you can tell people you’ve seen the Virgin Mary and they’ll light candles outside your bathroom, but you tell ’em you’ve been abducted by aliens and they’ll write you off as a lunatic. It happened to me 7 years ago. I was driving my car down the Massachusetts Turnpike, and before you know it, I’m in the room and they’re doing…something to me, and then I’m back in my car and 2 days have gone by, and I’m in West Virginia. I would have written the entire thing off as an acid flashback. Then my doctor told me the cancer was gone. It was bone marrow. Terminal. A year to live and poof…it’s gone.
MAX: And you’re trying to re-establish contact with the aliens?
BRODY: I have to.
(Max motions toward the pentagram device)
MAX: What about that?
BRODY: That I bought..I dunno…3 years ago from some guy who deals in supposed alien artifacts. I thought it was a piece of junk, and then on May 14th, that thing just came to life. It sent out this pulse. So I…I hired a team…had them check the entire radio telescope network for anything unusual, and they found something.
(We see Michael and Isabel listening in on the conversation)
BRODY: A signal, Max. A strange high-energy microwave signal that corresponded exactly with what I saw. And you know where this signal came from?
MAX: Roswell.
BRODY: Exactly. Do you know what this means, Max? Aliens. I mean, not like they’re walking among us or anything stupid like that, but they’re actually making contact with people right here in Roswell. Now what do you think of that? So what about you, Max? What’s your abduction story?
(Max, Michael, and Isabel leave the UFO Center. Isabel reaches her hand around and hugs Max, glad that they didn’t have to kill Brody. Michael looks a bit sheepish, realizing that Max was right. We realize the skin is looking at them as they walk from the UFO Center to the Crashdown)
(At the Crashdown, Max and Isabel explain to Alex and Tess what happened)
ALEX: So where’d he get the money to buy the UFO center?
ISABEL: Well, he helped take an internet start-up company public.
MAX: Instant millionaire. But when he started talking about his abduction he became a liability. They bought him off.
ISABEL: Yeah, for $300 million.
ALEX: Note to self…take more computer classes.
TESS: But what about the attack on Michael?
ISABEL: Brody said the device just went off in his hand. It send out a pulse without warning, so I think it was because Michael was near, but I’m not sure.
ALEX: But why would it react to Michael and not to you?
MAX: I don’t know.
(Kyle enters the Crashdown and motions for Tess to walk over to him)
TESS: Uh-oh.
(Tess walks over to Kyle)
TESS: So what have I done now?
KYLE: You know my…my father does consider this to be a very temporary arrangement. You understand that?
TESS: Sure.
KYLE: All right. So in that case, I just wanted to tell you that I moved all my crap out of the room. You can have it. I’ll sleep on the couch or something.
TESS: You didn’t have to.
KYLE: It’s not a big deal. Uh, material possessions only clutter the mind anyway.
TESS: You tell ’em, Buddha boy.
KYLE: All right. I’ll see ya.
TESS: Hey. Thanks.
(Michael just finished an order and waits for someone to pick it up. Courtney walks over)
COURTNEY: So, Michael, how do you feel about piercings?
MICHAEL: I don’t.
COURTNEY: You should think about it.
MICHAEL: Not into pain.
COURTNEY: Well, it only hurts once, then it’s about the stimulation.
(Maria walks over to them)
MARIA: Table 4 is waiting.
(Courtney picks up the order and leaves, while Michael goes back to the kitchen, obviously trying to avoid Maria)
(Liz enters the Crashdown. Max is frozen for a moment, and then walks after her)
MAX: I need to talk to you.
LIZ: Max, I need to talk to Maria.
MAX: Look, you need to hear this.
LIZ: Maria tried to explain to me about you and Tess the other night, ok? But I don’t…
MAX: This isn’t about Tess. It’s about you and me. You think I’m gonna forget about you or get over it or something, but…but I’m not. I don’t…I don’t care about my destiny or my planet or anything else. All I care about is you. So just know this…I’m coming for you, Liz.
(Max walks back to the table)
MARIA: Now that is a great man.
TESS: You realize our problems aren’t over, don’t you, Max? Whoever killed Nasedo is still out there…and he’s probably close by.
(Courtney walks up to Maria. She needs to use the restroom)
COURTNEY: Cover me?
MARIA: What else is new?
(At the end of the episode, we find out who the skin is. Courtney closes the door behind her, locks it, and immediately goes to the mirror. She digs her nails into her neck and pulls off a piece of skin from her face. She then drops the skin in the toilet and flushes it down the drain)