#203 Surprise

Writer: Toni Graphia
Director: Fred Keller
Production Code: 2ADA03

First aired: October 16, 2000


The friends organize an enormous birthday party for Isabel. Everyone is there, except for Tess. Suddenly Isabel gets visions of Tess. She seems to be in hughe misery. Isabel finds Tess outside the city in an old power station. There she comes up against Whitaker, who discloses her identity as an alien. She claims that Isabel betrayed her people and her brother in an earlier life to the race of the Skins.

Main Cast

Shiri Appleby (Liz Parker), Jason Behr (Max Evans), Colin Hanks (Alex Whitman), Katherine Heigl (Isabel Evans), Majandra Delfino (Maria DeLuca), Brendan Fehr (Michael Guerin), Nick Wechsler (Kyle Valenti), Emilie de Ravin (Tess Harding), William Sadler (Sheriff Jim Valenti)

Also Starring

Sara Downing (Courtney), Jeremy Davidson (Grant Sorenson), Gretchen Egolf (Vanessa Whitaker)