#205 The End Of The World – Quotes

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Liz: I’m so confused.
Alex: I’m so depressed.
Maria: Wimps.

Liz: Max keeps coming to my window and telling me he wants to be with me again, but I know it’s… it can never work out.
Alex: Isabel, she gave me another one of those “Alex, you’re such a great friend” speeches. It made me want to puke.
Maria: I have Michael Guerin. He’s mine. You should have seen his face when he apologized to me. His eyes were practically begging me to take his sorry ass back. I have so landed him for once and for all… I think.

Psychic: This boy… very volatile.
Maria: That’s good for sex, right?

Liz: No, you’re not Max, okay? You… you’re like a shapeshifter. You are like some other kind of alien, with, like, the ability to look like Max with that beard and those… and those grey hairs.
Future Max: Do you really see grey?

Future Max: 3… 2… 1.
Liz: Well?
Future Max: I said approximately.

Maria: We need to talk.
Michael: Talk?
Maria: Yeah, about our relationship.
Michael: You gotta be joking me.

Courtney: You handle your machine really good.
Michael: Thanks.
Courtney: Well, I guess it’s time for another night curled up in my sheets, fondling my remote control.
Michael: I guess.
Courtney: Unless, of course, you want to be my remote control for the night?

Kyle: You look really great when you’re pissed.
Tess: Yeah, right.
Kyle: No, I’m serious. I feel, like, all this energy coming from you right now. In order to trim the lamp of wisdom, we must attend to our bodily needs.
Tess: Let me tell you something, Buddha-boy… I got a lamp that needs some serious trimming.

Future Max: He sat down. You got him to sit down with her.
Liz: Rah-rah. What?

Liz: No. Making love to you is the farthest thing from my mind. I… I don’t even have protection.
Future Max: I did.

Kyle: This brings back memories.
Liz: Kyle, we were never in bed together.

Liz: Right. And when we kiss…
Kyle: No tongue. I’m on board.
Liz: Yeah. Ok.
Kyle: I’m here to help. My body’s merely a vessel.
Liz: Ok.

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Liz: Hi. Kyle: Well, you here for a reason, or you just rushed right over ’cause you sensed I might be experiencing some actual joy?