#206 Harvest – Quotes

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Maria: You look like you got your heart stomped out. No, wait… that would be me. Well, if it’s possible, you look worse.

Michael: I don’t know. She went out the window. I tried chasing her…
Maria: But it’s hard to run with your pants around your ankles?

Max: Well, somehow the skins know that she’s dead. None of us has said anything… unless it came from here.
Liz: You mean, from me.

Michael: So we agree.
Max: Yeah.
Michael: There’s a first.

Maria: Why are you obsessed with my good-looking, if badly groomed boyfriend?

Maria: Culture Club? Wham? The Backstreet Boys? God, she really is an alien, this one.

Maria: Of course. Like she’s gonna write her hideout in an address book, oh ho!
Michael: Hey, are you just gonna rag on me or are you gonna help?

Local: Uh, Friendship League’s a members-only outfit. Very hush-hush. They don’t like outsiders, especially with all the press around here these days.
Isabel: Actually, we’ve been invited.

Tess: About what? All you did was sleep with him. How was he, anyway?
Liz: Oh, I, um…I…we…it was great.
Tess: Noted.

Michael: Ok, so now it’s my fault.
Maria: Yes. You know what? Just to make things simpler, from now on you should consider everything to be your fault, ok? Ok.

Michael: No dice. She wouldn’t do that. She’s obsessed with me.
Maria: Well, I guess that makes 2 of you, then, doesn’t it?

Maria (to Courtney): Oh, please! Do your lips not get chapped from all the ass-kissing?

Courtney: The point is, I’ve been a babe for 50 years. What are you gonna look like in 50 years from now?

Quote of the Week

Courtney: You’re the one we need. You’re our leader. Our salvation.
Maria: Michael, if you can hear me now over the sound of your rapidly inflating ego, could you please tell me that you do not believe what this…this Michael-worshipper here has to say?