#207 Wipe Out! – Quotes

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Isabel: I’m not avoiding you. We destroyed a race of people. I’m just trying to get past it. Juice?

Sheriff: You know what? If you laid off the mumbo jumbo, you might get a date every once in awhile.

Maria: Yeah. We found one of those snake skin things off of Elm street.

Maria: Oh, please don’t let me die like Elvis.

Nicholas: Look in the mirror. You’re shedding.
Ida: Ohh… it’s the heat. Why couldn’t those brats be from Seattle?

Liz: Um… you know, from what… from what she said, the husk is starving. It’s looking at her thighs like they’re 2 canned hams.
Courtney: I heard that, you bitch.

Maria: Ok. We’ve got ginko, bee pollen, echinacea, C, D, E, calcium, St. John’s wort, and Pamprin… What? I was dating Michael Guerin.

Courtney: He can get inside of your head and take anything that he wants. Basically, he rapes you of your memories and your thoughts.

Kyle: What about me?
Max: You’re not someone I trust. Let’s move.

Sheriff: I remember the first time you tied your own shoes… and when we, uh… we took the training wheels off of your bike.
Kyle: Ok, pop, knock it off.

Nicholas: I knew it was only a matter of time before you rejoined our side, Vilandra.

Nicholas: And what could you possibly have to offer us?
Isabel: Me.
Nicholas: You always were a flighty little princess. Jewels before studies. That’s our Vilandra. We have you, you beautiful moron.

Ida: What do you want to do now?
Nicholas: Kill every last one of ’em.

Maria: So how does electricity work?
Kyle: Why are you lookin’ at me? We were both in the same remedial science class for 3 years.

Kyle: Buddha, forgive me, but I’m gonna kick your ass!

Nicholas: The granilith! That’s a bonus! I hope he gave you detailed directions.

Tess: I just wanted to scare them with a mind warp. I thought if they saw fire… it was awful, Max. I lost control. Tapped into… something completely different.
Max: You think you could do it again?

Quote of the Week

Kyle: Hey, I’ve been really nice about following your orders, Senor Presidente, but if I can do something to help bring some people back or ensure that Liz, Maria, and I live to see another day, I’m gonna do it.