#208 Meet The Dupes (1) – Quotes

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Lonnie: That’s right. Zan’s my brother. Rath’s my lover. But who are you? Why are you still livin’ and breathin’ and ridin’ in this car? Oh, that’s right. You’re here ’cause i love you. Ain’t that sweet?

Maria: Hello? I’m singing on Saturday at the new performance space next to the museum!
Michael: Yeah. But I’ve heard you sing before. What’s the big deal?

Maria:No. No, it’s not ok. You ordered pepperjack. You have the right to expect pepperjack. This is…this is unacceptable is what it is!
Brody: It’s just cheese.
Maria: No, it’s not just cheese.
Brody: But it’s a very small thing.
Maria: Yes. It is a very small thing, and that’s why a person who can’t even get the cheese right does not deserve to live!
Brody: Wow. You take your job very seriously.

Max: What are you running from?
Isabel: I’m just getting in shape.
Max: Since when? Your only exercise used to be the escalator at the mall.

Lonnie: Cool. Thanks, Sheriff. You’re the freakin’ man!

Lonnie: Ah. This must be his bitch. Where’d you find this?
Rath: In his sock drawer.
Lonnie: “To Max. I’ll always love you. Liz.”
Rath: Liz.
Lonnie: She ain’t got nothin’ goin’ on.
Rath: Yeah, well, I’d do her.

Philip: What happened to you? You look like some…rapper on TV. Like that, uh, Queen Latisha.
Lonnie: Queen Latifah.

Rath: So…Max’s a head case. We can use that. “Love, Liz”. Mmmm.

Maria: Clearly, you are a man with too much money. Look, I don’t know what you’re thinking, Mister, but Maria De Luca, right here…not for sale. I mean, sure…no. No! Not even for that much money.

Lonnie: Well, they made one batch and didn’t get it quite right, so… they made another.
Michael: So you guys are, like, defective.
Lonnie: Actually, you’re the defectives.

Liz: Ok. This thing kind of happened with Kyle, but it didn’t really happen, and I can’t tell Max what I didn’t do. But I can’t tell you what I didn’t do either, so don’t ask me to explain it, ok? But… the point is, I just feel really stupid being here.
Maria: Do you realize that what you just said made absolutely no sense?

Rath: You want me to kill him for you?
Michael: I’ll get back to you on that.

Brody: Well, just things…missing moments of time, bizarre dreams I can’t remember in the morning. It all reminds me of the last time. So, if I…suddenly disappear for a couple of days, it’s nothing personal. I’ve just been abducted.

Isabel: Yes, you did. You treat everybody like they’re your property. I don’t belong to you, Max. I never did.

Liz: Oh…I can’t tell you. But I just…I know, and…please, Max. You have to trust me.
Max: I guess that’s the problem, Liz.

Quote of the Week

Alex: Ladies, uh…frosty beverage?
Lonnie: No 3 ways tonight, opie. Maybe later.