#208 Meet The Dupes (1) – Transcript

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(Episode begins in New York City. We see 4 people who look like the pod squad – except they’re wearing punk clothing – come up the stairs from the subway. They pass by a fruit stand. The Max look-a-like causes the stand to fall. As the vendors gather the fruit, the Isabel look-a-like steals money from their cash register. The group of four continue walking down the street)
PUNK: Hey, what’s up, girl?
LONNIE: What’s up, man?
PUNK: You look good!
RATH: She knows it. Yo, gimme the rock, G.
(The street punk tosses his basketball to the Michael look-a-like, who keeps it and continues walking down the street)
PUNK: Hey, yo! My man! My ball!
RATH: They contacted us again last night. Same invite. We gotta tell ’em something.
ZAN: Tell ’em no.
LONNIE: Yo, you sayin’ we ain’t going to the summit?
ZAN: That’s what I’m saying.
RATH: Yo, that’s messed up, duke. This is the only time we’ve ever been contacted.
ZAN: Whatever. That’s it.
AVA: We tell ’em no, they won’t ask again.
ZAN: Tell ’em hell no.
RATH: What is up with you, man? I’m tired of you. I’ll go by myself!
ZAN: They don’t want the number 2. They want the royal four.
RATH: Why don’t we go and see what they gotta say? Why don’t we go and get the answers?
ZAN: What if it’s a setup?
RATH: No, it’s not a setup! They need us!
ZAN: I’m the man. Don’t forget.
LONNIE: Yo. Guys. It’s been a mad long day. Let’s just chill.
RATH: Yeah. You the man.
(Opening credits)

TEACHER: A black hole…that’s what’s left after a star dies. And that’s exactly what happened last week, my friends. The spectacular, stellar, implosion of a red giant, unheard of in the history of astronomy…the first time a post-main sequence star burning in its prime suddenly and without warning violently exploded in a supernova of a hundred million degrees and disappeared, a process that typically takes many thousands of years. What could have accounted for this…remarkable loss?
(Class ends. Liz catches up with Max in the hallway)
LIZ: Hey. Kinda weird about that star, huh? Kinda sad. It just doesn’t seem that something burning so bright could just…burn out.
MAX: But it did.
(Max walks off)
(Back in New York, Rath, Lonnie, and Ava steal a Trans Am. Zan is no longer with them)
RATH: Trans Am, baby. Yeah! Can’t wait to get out of the city. Red line says 120, but I bet you she goes 130.
AVA: We were family. The four of us.
LONNIE: Things change.
RATH: Yo, move outta the way!
AVA: He was your brother, Lonnie.
LONNIE: That’s right. Zan’s my brother. Rath’s my lover. But who are you? Why are you still livin’ and breathin’ and ridin’ in this car? Oh, that’s right. You’re here ’cause i love you. Ain’t that sweet?
(At the UFO Center, Brody is working on his computer. Max comes in)
MAX: Brody.
BRODY: Max. You’re here! I’ve been dying to tell someone about this all day. Look, activity…on the East coast, somewhere near here.
MAX: New York?
BRODY: Uh-huh. See these blips? They appeared last week. Someone or something is trying to make contact. I’ll run a few programs, try to see if any of the ratios match anything from the records, see if we can’t find…
(Brody’s pager goes off)
BRODY: Time for dinner.
MAX: I’m not hungry.
BRODY: Well, just…whatever. Take a break. Go!
MAX: I just got here.
BRODY: Go, go, go, go, go!
(At the Crashdown)
MARIA: And don’t forget the pepperjack. Guy’s nuts about his pepperjack.
MICHAEL: Yeah. All right.
MARIA: Oh, Max called. He said that he wants to have a meeting with everybody Saturday night.
MICHAEL: No. I can’t make that.
MARIA: Really?
MICHAEL: Yeah. I got big plans. I can’t change ’em.
MARIA: That is so sweet.
MICHAEL: Sweet? It’s the dirt bike finals.
MARIA: Hello? I’m singing on Saturday at the new performance space next to the museum!
MICHAEL: Yeah. But I’ve heard you sing before. What’s the big deal?
(Maria delivers the sandwich to Brody at the UFO Center)
MARIA: Galaxy Sub. Hold the mayo.
BRODY: Thank you very much.
MARIA: Is there pepperjack in that sandwich?
BRODY: Uh…no. Doesn’t appear to be.
MARIA: I just…I can’t believe it! I cannot believe it!
BRODY: It’s ok, really.
MARIA: No. No, it’s not ok. You ordered pepperjack. You have the right to expect pepperjack. This is…this is unacceptable is what it is!
BRODY: It’s just cheese.
MARIA: No, it’s not just cheese.
BRODY: But it’s a very small thing.
MARIA: Yes. It is a very small thing, and that’s why a person who can’t even get the cheese right does not deserve to live!
BRODY: Wow. You take your job very seriously.
MARIA: You know what? Here. Take your money back. It’s on the house.
BRODY: Well, then at least let me give you a tip. Here.
MARIA: That’s unnecessary. But thank you.
(Maria leaves)
BRODY: So, uh, what do you think of our new President?
(Switch to the Trans Am)
RATH: What’s your problem, Ava? You ain’t said nothin’ in 2 days.
AVA: You said you were gonna make him change his mind about going to the summit. You…
RATH: Well, we couldn’t, so we went with an alternative.
AVA: He was the leader, Rath!
RATH: Zan coulda ruled a planet, but he didn’t wanna deal. We are better off without him.
AVA: And how do we know this…other Zan is gonna be any different?
LONNIE: Max. Max Evans. That’s his name. And we don’t. We don’t. But we’ll be smarter about it this time. We’ll find another way in.
RATH: They don’t wanna meet with just the three of us. They want the king. So all we gotta do is get him to the summit, and we’ll marinate on the rest later.
(Max is driving around in his jeep and spots Isabel jogging along the road)
MAX: We need to talk.
ISABEL: One more mile.
MAX: What are you running from?
ISABEL: I’m just getting in shape.
MAX: Since when? Your only exercise used to be the escalator at the mall.
ISABEL: Things change.
MAX: Fine. I’ll see you later. Vilandra. Are you…Vilandra? Isabel, there’s always been a special bond…ever since we came out of the pods. We have to be able to be honest with each other.
ISABEL: I’m sorry, Max.
(Isabel goes back to jogging)
(Switch back to the Trans Am, which has entered the Roswell city limits)
AVA: So how come they weren’t invited to the summit?
LONNIE: Because we’re the only ones that know there’s another set of us out there. Besides, they’re living out here in the middle of nowhere under a rock.
(Rath speeds by a police car, which happens to be driven by Sheriff Valenti. He flashes his lights and pulls them over)
RATH: Damn! 5-0.
LONNIE: Be cool.
RATH: Don’t worry. He’s already toast.
(Sheriff Valenti parks behind them and walks up to the front window. Rath gets ready to blast him)
SHERIFF: License and registration. Michael? Ha ha ha ha ha! Lord have mercy! What’s with the hair and the outfits?
LONNIE: We were actually on our way to a party. It was kinda like a New York theme.
SHERIFF: You look like you’re from another planet. For once. So where’d you get this car?
LONNIE: We, uh, we borrowed it, Sheriff, um…Valenti.
SHERIFF: Hey, listen, you wanna slow it down a little bit. There’s no need to attract any additional attention to yourselves, especially with what we’ve been through lately.
RATH: Word! No, you ain’t lyin’, sir.
SHERIFF: Where’s your brother?
LONNIE: We were actually on our way to get him, but we were kinda nervous about goin’ by the house, ’cause there was like a weird car parked out front.
SHERIFF: A weird car?
RATH: You know…alien hunter.
LONNIE: Yeah. Felt like we were being watched by someone, so, like maybe we could follow you back and you could check it out and make sure it was safe.
SHERIFF: All right. I’ll tell you what. You follow me. If the coast is clear, I’ll just wave ya on in.
LONNIE: Cool. Thanks, Sheriff. You’re the freakin’ man!
SHERIFF: Ha ha ha ha.
(Switch to the Crashdown, where Max is studying, probably thinking about the star that died)
LIZ: Um, do you want anything else from the kitchen? ‘Cause it’s gonna close.
MAX: No, thanks.
LIZ: I hate this. I hate that we can’t even be around each other. Long before we kissed…we were friends. We talked. We laughed. I don’t understand why we just can’t go back to that.
MAX: We can’t. I can’t. I just…I need time.
LIZ: Ok. I understand that. I do. I…I can respect it. But, um…I don’t want you to hate me.
(Max leaves)
(Switch to the NY aliens. Sheriff Valenti has led them to the Evans home)
RATH: It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood.
LONNIE: Can you imagine actually living here?
RATH: No! I’d kill myself.
LONNIE: Let’s get in there and see what makes Mr. Max spin. Stay by the car and keep lookout.
(Ava sits on the hood to keep watch. Rath and Lonnie climb in through Max’s window)
LONNIE: I told you. Total cornball.
RATH: Check out this gear. Unbelievable. Where does he shop for stuff like this…freakin’ Conway’s?
LONNIE: Yo. Out here, they think that’s hip.
RATH: Mm-hmm!
LONNIE: Oh, my God! Check this out. He works in the UFO museum.
RATH: Hoo! Look at this.
LONNIE: Ah. This must be his bitch. Where’d you find this?
RATH: In his sock drawer.
LONNIE: “To Max. I’ll always love you. Liz.”
RATH: Liz.
LONNIE: She ain’t got nothin’ goin’ on.
RATH: Yeah, well, I’d do her.
LONNIE: Fine. Do her, but don’t kill her. What we’re doin’ here is important. Don’t screw it up.
(Mr. Evans is looking for Max and knocks on the door. Rath dives to the floor and hides next to the bed)
PHILIP: Max? Izzie?
LONNIE: Hey…Dad.
PHILIP: What happened to you? You look like some…rapper on TV. Like that, uh, Queen Latisha.
LONNIE: Queen Latifah.
PHILIP: Tell me that’s not a tattoo.
LONNIE: Chill, Dad. It’s henna. It’ll wash off. Ha ha ha. Ok. No, no…you know what? I’ll tell you the truth. I ain’t really Isabel.
PHILIP: You’re not?
LONNIE: No. I’m…Juliet. See, school’s doing this kinda rock ‘n’ roll version of Romeo and Juliet, and, well…
PHILIP: And my daughter’s playing Juliet? That’s great, honey! Oh ha ha! The smell of the grease paint. The roar of the crowd. I took theater, too. I was Puck my senior year.
LONNIE: Totally epic, Dad.
PHILIP: Ha! You certainly got that jive down. No, but I’m glad that you’ve…taken an interest in something, honey. But, I wish your brother would.
LONNIE: Max? Yeah, he seems so, uh…
PHILIP: Tense. Now, I’m worried about him. Even the therapy’s not helping him…though obviously it’s helping you.
LONNIE: Yeah, a shrink. But he is…helping me…to find myself.
PHILIP: I was thinking…perhaps you and Max could have a joint session to work out whatever’s come between you.
LONNIE: I didn’t think you’d noticed.
PHILIP: The doors slamming, the silence at the dinner table? Oh…I’ve never seen you fight like this.
LONNIE: Well, I’d really like to work it out.
PHILIP: Promise me you’ll consider it? The joint session?
(Lonnie nods)
(Mr. Evans leaves. Rath comes out from his hiding place)
LONNIE: Yeah, ok. Ha. A shrink? How whack is that, yo?
RATH: So…Max’s a head case. We can use that. “Love, Liz”. Mmmm.
(Maria goes back to the UFO Center)
MARIA: What is this?
BRODY: A tip.
MARIA: $100 tip? Why?
BRODY: Honestly? It’s Ben Franklin. I can’t stand lookin’ at the bloke. Now, you give me 5 Andrew Jacksons any day. Look. I mean, there’s a head of hair. It’s nice and thick. It’s got kinda an Elvis thing going on. The sideburns…
MARIA: Clearly, you are a man with too much money. Look, I don’t know what you’re thinking, Mister, but Maria De Luca, right here…not for sale. I mean, sure…no. No! Not even for that much money.
BRODY: Then how ’bout lunch?
MARIA: Did you just ask me out on a date?
BRODY: No! No, absolutely not.
BRODY: But maybe the next time you bring me a sandwich, you could bring one for yourself and not charge me for it even though I have too much money, but pay for it yourself because that would make it officially not a date. And then stay and eat it with me. And keep me company while I’m dateless. What do you think?
MARIA: I, um…I think you’re a little strange.
BRODY: Mm…sometimes, yeah.
(Rath finds Liz at school)
RATH: Whassup? You look tight.
LIZ: Excuse me? Did…oh, my God, Michael! What is with your hair?
RATH: I wouldn’t mind kickin’ it to ya.
LIZ: Kickin’ it. Yeah.
RATH: Whaddaya say you give me a little somethin’ somethin’, huh?
LIZ: Oh, my God! Get away from me! What is going on with you?
RATH: I just thought since Maxie wasn’t around that we could, uh…
LIZ: Just stop, ok?
RATH: Ai-ight. You got me. I just…I just wanted to see, you know, if you’d go for it, and you…
LIZ: No. It’s not gonna happen…ever.
RATH: Of course not.
(Liz starts to leave. Rath grabs her and kisses her on the lips)
LIZ: Uhhh. Oh, my God! Eww!
(Liz hurries off to class)
RATH: Epic.
(Saturday, at the UFO Center, Max is explaining what he’s been pondering the past few days)
MAX: So I think that the signals Brody tracked could be connected to the dying star somehow, and…
MICHAEL: You called us all together here for this emergency meeting to talk about a star that croaked?
MAX: I think it could mean something. It’s…been haunting me.
MARIA: I cancelled my performance, Max.
MAX: I think we should be ready for the next challenge.
(Ava, Rath, and Lonnie listen in on the discussion from behind a grating)
RATH: Yo. He’s Zan, all right. Look at him.
LONNIE: Zan with an even bigger stick up his ass. No wonder his bitch left him.
RATH: What a bunch of scrubs.
LONNIE: I don’t know why they told all those humans about their secrets. It’s like a freaking town meeting down there.
(Alex interrupts)
ALEX: Hey, sorry, guys. Sorry I’m late.
(Alex breaks out in laughter upon seeing what appears to be Michael, Isabel, and Tess in punk clothes)
ALEX: I don’t remember it saying anything about costumes on the invitation. Oh. But it’s too late for Halloween, and it’s too early for Mardi Gras, so what’s goin’ on? Are we like goin’ on the Ricki Lake show or something?
(Alex peers through the grating and notices the real Michael, Isabel, and Tess standing next to Max, Maria, and Liz in the area below. He realizes something is different with the people in front of him)
ALEX: Scratch that question. Uh, who needs a holiday to dress up, right? Anyway…
(Alex hurries away and goes down to meet his friends below)
MAX: Alex. You’re late.
ALEX: Uh…um…uh.
(Alex points to the stairs. Rath, Lonnie, and Ava appear at the top of the stairs)
RATH: Hey, yo, up here!
MARIA: Now this is freaky.
MAX: Who are you?
LONNIE: We’re you.
ISABEL: I…I don’t understand…
MICHAEL: They’re shape-shifters.
LONNIE: I know you must be buggin’ out right now, ’cause I’d be buggin’, too.
ISABEL: How could this be?
MICHAEL: 8. 8. There was 8 pods originally.
RATH: You know about that.
MICHAEL: Yeah, I…we just found out recently, so…I just…didn’t know you’d look like us.
MAX: All we know is that there were 8 originally. We never knew what happened to the other 4.
LONNIE: They went to New York.
MAX: New York?
RATH: The Big Apple. Center of the universe. Amazing pizza.
LIZ: Um…but there’s only 3 of you.
LONNIE: We had a fourth. We just lost him.
AVA: He name was…Zan.
MAX: I’m Max.
ISABEL: How did you lose your Max?
RATH: He died in a stupid accident. You know, all his powers, all his abilities, and, you know, he died in a street accident. For nothin’. Yo, I’m Rath.
LONNIE: Lonnie.
ISABEL: Isabel.
AVA: I’m Ava.
TESS: Tess.
MAX: This is Michael, and these are our friends: Alex, Maria, and Liz.
LIZ: Uh, we met.
RATH: Sorry about that. I was, uh…I was just trying to get the lay of the land. Something’s cookin’…something that’s gonna affect all of us. Could we talk in private?
(Rath and Max go to another room to talk)
RATH: You look so much like him.
MAX: Zan?
RATH: Yeah. Anyways…we’ve been contacted. You know, it seems some of peeps from the hood, they wanna hook up with us and have a sit-down.
MAX: The…the hood?
RATH: Our star system. Home. You…the ruling families of the 5 planets…they wanna have this summit meeting. I don’t know, duke. I mean, I know it’s important and it’s got something to do with making the peace, but, you know, Zan was gonna go and represent our family and…that’s why we need you.
MAX: Me?
RATH: Yeah, with Zan dead, you’re the only kin we got.
MAX: Why did they contact you and not us?
RATH: We’re the ones they found. They don’t know that there’s 2 sets.
(Back in the main area of the UFO Center, Michael is asking Lonnie some questions)
MICHAEL: So why are there 2 sets?
LONNIE: Well, they made one batch and didn’t get it quite right, so…they made another.
MICHAEL: So you guys are, like, defective.
LONNIE: Actually, you’re the defectives. Too human. No offense. When they sent us down here, the war was still going on. We were possibly the only chance for survival, so they sent both sets, you know, for insurance.
(Switch back to Max and Rath)
MAX: Were you close, you and Zan?
RATH: Oh, yeah, we were closer than brothers, man. I mean…you know, all my life, I looked up to him and I wanted to be like him and…and then just one day, just…bam!
(In the main part of the UFO Center, the others are getting to know each other)
ISABEL: So…Lonnie. Is that short for Vilandra?
LONNIE: That’s right. You know about Vilandra?
ISABEL: I’ve heard some things.
LONNIE: What do you know?
ISABEL: What do you know?
LONNIE: She betrayed her family…brought down the whole house of cards…got everyone killed. Sound familiar? It’s been hard keeping it to myself all these years. You have no idea.
ISABEL: Yes, I do.
LONNIE: You haven’t told Max? But you seem so close.
ISABEL: I…I wanted to, but…but I didn’t even want to believe it myself, and…the thought of telling him…
LONNIE: It’s ok. It’s ok. It’ll be our little secret.
ALEX: Ladies, uh…frosty beverage?
LONNIE: No 3 ways tonight, opie. Maybe later.
(Back in the other room, Max and Rath continue their private discussion)
MAX: I don’t even know what the war’s about.
RATH: We know it’s about us…the original royal four. Some kind of revolution happened, and they were all killed and sent to earth to be reborn. Ever since then, the hood’s been a war zone. And now they want peace. I know you’re not Zan, and I know it’s kinda screwed to lay all this stuff on you, but this meant a lot to him. He’s our peace. He’s our chance to do something with this life. This is it.
MAX: I’m not Zan.
RATH: Don’t worry. I mean, I’ll be right there with you. But without you…there is no summit and there is no peace. Millions of lives hang in the balance, Max. So you…you gotta step up.
(Max discusses what’s going on with Isabel, Michael, and Tess)
MAX: Well…here we are.
ISABEL: And there we are.
MICHAEL: I thought I’d seen everything.
MAX: They want me to go to New York to a…a summit meeting.
MICHAEL: What, just you? We weren’t invited?
MAX: I already told them no.
(Rath and Lonnie are discussing how things are turning out)
RATH: Think it’s gonna take some work. He’s got that same brick head as Zan.
LONNIE: We don’t got a lotta time.
RATH: Back off. I’m on it.
LONNIE: Like you were on Zan? Do not screw this up, Rath. He goes to the summit, or we are stuck on this wretched planet for the rest of our lives.
(In another room in the UFO Center, Liz and Maria are having a discussion)
MARIA: Ok. So duplicate Michael kissed you, and you decided not to tell me this very pertinent fact?
LIZ: No, I wanted to tell you, I just…I couldn’t…
MARIA: But you thought, hey, it’s just Michael slipping me the tongue. There’s nothing unusual about that…
LIZ: Maria, it’s not Michael.
MARIA: But you didn’t know that then, Liz!
LIZ: Can’t you get over it? I’m sorry. Look, can I just…can I just talk to you for one second?
(Maria nods)
LIZ: Ok. This thing kind of happened with Kyle, but it didn’t really happen, and I can’t tell Max what I didn’t do. But I can’t tell you what I didn’t do either, so don’t ask me to explain it, ok? But…the point is, I just feel really stupid being here.
MARIA: Do you realize that what you just said made absolutely no sense?
ALEX: Hey, how long have I been asleep?
(The sound of someone opening the front door is heard)
MAX: It’s 7:30.
TESS: In the morning?
MAX: I-it’s just my boss. Hide.
(Brody enters the UFO Center to find everywhere inside)
BRODY: What the hell is this?
MAX: Morning.
BRODY: Wha? Is there a party going on? Funny I wasn’t invited, seeing how it’s my building. And who are you?
MICHAEL: Uh, Brody, this is my, uh, twin brother Bob.
BRODY: I didn’t know you had a brother.
RATH: I live in New York.
BRODY: Well, that explains the hair. Now who can explain what you’re all doing here?
(Maria saves the day by asking Brody to breakfast)
MARIA: Um…you know how you asked about lunch?
BRODY: Uh-huh.
MARIA: Well, how do you feel about having a little breakfast?
BRODY: Stay as long as you like.
(Brody and Maria leave)
RATH: You want me to kill him for you?
MICHAEL: I’ll get back to you on that.
(At the Crashdown, Brody and Maria are having breakfast together)
BRODY: You believe in God?
MARIA: Isn’t it a little early for that conversation?
BRODY: Yeah, you’re right.
MARIA: Ok. Fine. Fine. Um…it’s a definite maybe. You?
BRODY: I used to. Maybe I still do. There are just so many things that make me wonder.
MARIA: Like…
BRODY: Do you believe in aliens?
MARIA: Why not? I’m dating one. I’m kidding. Of course. Heh.
BRODY: You see, I’m not. I had an experience once…
MARIA: Oh, right. Your abduction!
BRODY: How do you know? Oh, did Max say something?
MARIA: Oh, no. No. I just…I kinda looked into your background. You know, good-looking…multi-millionaire…buys UFO Center. Kind of stirs my curiosity. So…I did an internet search and, I…
BRODY: And found out I’m a whacko.
MARIA: Ha ha ha.
BRODY: I’ve got a feeling it’s about to happen again.
BRODY: Well, just things…missing moments of time, bizarre dreams I can’t remember in the morning. It all reminds me of the last time. So, if I…suddenly disappear for a couple of days, it’s nothing personal. I’ve just been abducted.
BRODY: Ok? Just like that? No “I’m sure it won’t happen again, Brody.” “It’s all in your head, Brody.”
MARIA: No, no, it’s just that if there’s one thing that living in Roswell’s taught me is that anything can happen.
(The New York aliens are talking things over)
AVA: He’ll never change his mind.
LONNIE: I don’t care. He’s coming to New York one way or another.
AVA: What is that supposed to mean?
LONNIE: You really wanna know?
AVA: I don’t want to be a part of this.
RATH: That chick is turning into a real problem.
LONNIE: Don’t worry. Max is coming with us. I guarantee it.
(Lonnie goes to visit Max at the Evans home)
MAX: What are you doing here?
LONNIE: I had to see you.
MAX: It’s dangerous.
LONNIE: I had to get something out, something I never got to say to Zan, and now it’s too late, and I was thinking about how maybe if I tell you, I can get it outta my head, you know?
MAX: What is it?
LONNIE: I wanted to apologize.
MAX: For what?
LONNIE: For betraying you. Max, have you ever been so crazy in love that you’d just do about anything? Well, back on our planet, Vilandra…me…Isabel…this person we used to be…we had it bad for a guy named Kivar. We sold you out, man. We’re the ones with blood on our hands. We’re the ones that got everybody killed. Vilandra was the, uh…the Benedict Arnold.
MAX: But you’re not Vilandra. And neither is Isabel.
LONNIE: Not technically, no. But she’s like this…demon I carry around inside of me. We both do, Isabel and I. She told me so that night we met.
MAX: Isabel would never betray me.
LONNIE: Course not. Just like I would have never shafted Zan. I’m glad she’s come clean with you about this. You’re lucky to have a sister you’re so tight with, you know? I wish Zan and I had been that tight.
(We see Isabel walking down an alley. Max has been waiting and confronts her)
MAX: You lied to me about Vilandra.
ISABEL: I don’t know what you’re…
MAX: Shut up! She betrayed me…and Michael and Tess and our mother…our whole planet?
ISABEL: Who told you this? Did she tell you this?
MAX: She cared enough to apologize to me. I had to hear it from a stranger! And yet, my own sister…
ISABEL: All right, Max. Fine. Fine. Now you know. I was sick of keeping it a secret, sick of worrying about disappointing you…the great king.
MAX: I trusted you.
ISABEL: I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything, and I’m not gonna stand here and be accused of something someone else did in another lifetime, something completely irrelevant!
MAX: If it’s so irrelevant, then why didn’t you tell me?
ISABEL: Because I have my own life, and I can’t live it when I’m busy trying to prove myself to you all the time, trying to prove I won’t betray you! It is exhausting living with that!
MAX: I never asked you to prove yourself.
ISABEL: Yes, you did. You treat everybody like they’re your property. I don’t belong to you, Max. I never did.
MAX: I feel like I don’t even know you.
ISABEL: How could you? All you care about is yourself. And Liz Parker, of course. Maybe you’re finally getting what you deserve…finally looking in the mirror and seeing what you really are, and you are no king! You are a self-centered, self-indulgent little boy!
(Michael comes along and intervenes)
MICHAEL: Hey, what are you doing?
MAX: I’m going to New York.
MICHAEL: That is an amazingly bad idea, Max.
MAX: If you think it’s bad, Michael, then I know it’s the right thing to do.
MICHAEL: Fine. Fine! Go be with them!
(Max leaves)
ISABEL: I don’t know what happened. He just went crazy on me.
MICHAEL: Don’t worry. It’ll be ok.
ISABEL: I know.
(We see now that Rath and Lonnie were impersonating Michael and Isabel to manipulate Max)
RATH: Start spreadin’ the news.
LONNIE: We’re leavin’ today. Let’s get the hell outta these clothes.
RATH: Word.
(Max visits Liz before taking off for New York)
LIZ: Hi.
MAX: You said…you wanted to be friends…and I thought about it. And…I realized that…that I can’t be friends with you because…I’m still hanging on…to you. To what we had. So…I decided to make a clean break. Here.
(Max hands Liz a pocket knife)
LIZ: Max, this is yours. I gave it to you last Christmas.
MAX: I’m giving it back. I’m…I’m going to New York with Rath and Lonnie and…and Tess…to the summit.
LIZ: Are you gonna come back?
MAX: I don’t know. I can’t think that far ahead.
LIZ: Wait, um, Max…um…when…when you’re at the summit, the granilith, ok? It’s powerful, and it could be really dangerous if the wrong people get their hands on it.
MAX: What are you talking about? How do you know anything about the granilith?
LIZ: Oh…I can’t tell you. But I just…I know, and…please, Max. You have to trust me.
MAX: I guess that’s the problem, Liz.
(Max leaves. He and Tess meet up with Ava, Rath, and Lonnie. Ava has a flashback to when Zan died. We see Rath pushing Zan into the street in the path of an oncoming truck)
AVA: Too tight. Looks like there’s no room for me. Just as well.
RATH: What you trippin’ about?
AVA: I ain’t goin’.
RATH: Don’t be crazy. What are you gonna do, stay in the desert? Yo…just get in the car. Hey, I said get in, or I’ll…
AVA: Kill me? What, you gonna kill me?
MAX: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are we doin’ here?
RATH: Wha? Ha ha. You think I was gonna kill her? You wanna stay? Then you can stay. It’s not a problem. Let’s, uh…let’s go to New York.
(Ava leaves. The episode ends with Max, Tess, Rath, and Lonnie getting into the car and starting the drive to New York)