#212 We Are Family (2)

Writer: Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts
Director: David Grossman
Production Code: 2ADA12

First aired: January 29, 2001


Sheriff Valenti loses his job when he decline to answer questions from the FBI. He helps the kids search for Laurie Dupree. But then the kidnapped girl suddenly appears and tells that she is pursued by extraterrestial ones…

Main Cast

Shiri Appleby (Liz Parker), Jason Behr (Max Evans), Colin Hanks (Alex Whitman), Katherine Heigl (Isabel Evans), Majandra Delfino (Maria DeLuca), Brendan Fehr (Michael Guerin), Nick Wechsler (Kyle Valenti), Emilie de Ravin (Tess Harding), William Sadler (Sheriff Jim Valenti)

Also Starring

Diane Farr (Amy DeLuca), Devon Gummersall (Sean DeLuca), Jason Peck (Deputy Hanson), Erica Gimpel (Agent Susan Duff), Keith Szarabajka (Dan Lubetkin), Allison Lange (Laurie DuPree), Robert Katims (Judge), Rachel Winfree (Gossiping Woman in Store), Shana O’Neil (Clerk), Seena Rahmani (Nurse)