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Ganadarium Crystals
The Ganadarim Crystals are the result of a parasite, which was at the crushed ship and hit Earth. Because of the high groundwater at the crashsite, the parasite got into the groundwater of Frazier Woods and the Ganadarium Crystals could grow. The crystals die, if the queen gets killed. The queen/crystals die, if they get no oxygen.
Submitted by: Lena

Granilith, The
The Granilith chamber is hidden behind the incubation pods in the cave. Isabel finds the hidden room on her 18th birthday, when she tries to calm down after the death of Congress Woman Whitaker. The Skins are interested into getting the Granilith in order to go back to their planet. In addititon the Dupes have the same interest. But Tess is the only one of the who uses the Granilith for transport. Besides the possibility to go to Antar, the Granilith has the power to travel in time. To use the Granilith for transport a white crystal is needed.
Submitted by: Lena

Grant Sorenson

Guerin, Michael
Michael is a loner; a rebel with a cause. He never had a trusting nature and being raised by an alcoholic, uncaring foster father (Hank) did not alleviate this problem. He is very impulsive and often acts without thinking things through. Michael hates his life in Roswell and is looking for any excuse to leave and find something better. Out of the three, he is the one who most wants to find a way home, wherever his “real” home may be. He wants Max and Isabel to join him but he will do it alone if he has to. Michael had no other friends besides Max and Isabel. When he meets Maria, he starts having feelings for a human that he never had before, which he finds confusing and unsettling. Michael desperately needs Maria’s approval but at the same time fears her ability to penetrate his stonewall facade. Although he is very bright, he is a very poor student. Of the three, Michael has the least control over his powers; they are very erratic and sometimes backfire. He has the most success with receiving visions when holding objects with a story to tell. Michael was emancipated and is now totally responsible for his own livelihood and his actions.
Submitted by: Joan