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“Roswell” from A to Z. Please beware of spoilers, if you are watching The WB/UPN show for the first time.

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After Max saved Liz life, her life becomes very turbulent. She gets confronted to things, which she thought wouldn't be possible. In order to process these things somehow, Liz begins to write a diary five days ago after the shooting in the Crashdown. Although she knows that it's dangeorus to write down all this secrets she continues but she's aware that nobody get hold of her journal. Until one day, the book disappears and she understands the extent of this danger. In her environment, suddenly many suspicious appear. But after all, the situation gets off lightly: Michael took to book to find out if Liz a danger to them. After this experience Liz hides the diary very carefully behind a stone in her bedroomwall.
Submitted by: Lena