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“Roswell” from A to Z. Please beware of spoilers, if you are watching The WB/UPN show for the first time.

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Parker, Claudia
Claudia Parker is Liz's grandma and Jeff Parkers mother. She dies on an infarction. She travelled around the world and even published a book.
Submitted by: Lena

Parker, Jeffrey
Jeffrey “Jeff” Parker is Liz' father and the owner of the Crashdown Café. He's open and always accepted and respected her friends. In the Crashown, the friends have a place to meet and to hang out. This changes after the robbery in Utah. Jeffery wants Max to stay away from Liz and he will send his daughter to boarding school, if she meets Max secretly. And he has a good reason for this reaction: In his youth he was a Rowdy, who violated the law. This changes, when his then-girlfriend dies in an accident, which was his fault. He can't bear down his suspiciousness, even after Liz achieves..
Submitted by: Curly

Parker, Liz
Liz is similar to Max in that she is very methodical and likes to be in control of every situation. She keeps a journal in which she chronicles her daily life. She is an excellent student and hopes to be head of molecular biology research at Harvard someday. She lives above and works before and after school in the Crashdown Café, which is owned and operated by her parents and is the local hang-out. When Max saves her life and she learns his secret, her world starts to spiral out of control. Everything has changed but it also feels as if her life is just beginning and she wants Max to play a major part in her new life. She too knows that Max is her soul mate and is willing to wait for him to resolve his uncertainties.
Submitted by: Joan

Parker, Nancy
Nancy Parker is Liz's mother.
Submitted by: Curly