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Valenti, James "Jim" Jr.
Town sheriff. Jim Valenti is a dedicated, second generation, law-enforcement officer. His suspicions that Max is an alien jeopardize his reputation and his obsession with finding the truth consumes so much of his time that he has very little left for his son, Kyle. Jim is learning that he is following in the footsteps of his father in more ways than by just becoming the sheriff and it worries him. He also must come to terms with the fact that if he does find proof that Max is an alien, what then? Max is just a boy and has done no one any harm, why should he be persecuted? When Jim is not pursuing “the truth” he is romantically pursing Amy DeLuca, whom he once arrested, many years ago, for civil disobedience during her hippie protester days because she was “cute”.
Submitted by: Joan

Valenti, James Sr.
Former sheriff of Roswell. His obsession with finding out the truth about the alleged UFO crash in 1947 eventually cost him his job and his family. He is currently living in a nursing home and his mind has a tendency to wander. Jim Jr had not visited his father in years but recent events have brought up memories of his past and he now has a fuller understanding of what his father went through and is more easily able to bond with him. With Jim Valenti Sr’s help, Jim Valenti Jr is uncovering the truth of what happened in the past and learning that it is connected with the present.
Submitted by: Joan

Valenti, Kyle
Kyle Valenti plays football and basketball and is the ex-boyfriend of Liz and son of the town sheriff. Kyle is an all American high school jock who would like to play left field for the Houston Astros but whose career placement profile says he should go into law enforcement. His life changes when he first loses Liz, then his father, to Max. Kyle was hurt and confused by Liz’s sudden abandonment. He has old fashion values and saw himself as Liz’s protector. Because of his father’s interest in Max, Kyle also thought that Max was a danger to Liz and that he needed to come to her rescue. He is now trying to adjust to his new role of friend. Both Kyle’s over-protectiveness and attempts at friendship have provided comic relief for the show. Later Kyle is interested in buddhism.
Submitted by: Joan; Updates by Curly and Lena

Vilandra is Isabel's identity on her home planet Antar. She was the sister of Zan the king, but fell in love with the enemy, Kivar. Her love was strong and she was willing to betray her own family. On day, Kivar persuaded her to help him to get into the city, so that he was able to conclude a ceasefire with the armed forces of the king. Vilandra trusted him and opened the gates. But when he was in the city, he killed the members of the royal family as well as Vilandra.
Submitted by: Lena