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Jason Katims' Letter
Roswell DVD Season 1 Booklet

Because of licence issues some songs had to be removed and replaced in order to publish the series on DVD. Jason Katims wrote a letter to the fans of Roswell, which can be found in the booklet of the DVD box set of the first season.

He tells the fans that he was faced with a difficult decision.

“As you watch these episodes you will notice that many of the original songs have been replaced with alternative choices. If you’re like me, your first reaction might be outrage. I often fight the assumption that change is good. But, in this case, I was faced with a difficult decision, which was that for budgeting reasons we either had to replace a lot of songs (the license fees are very expensive) or not release the DVD,” Jason Katims wrote. He added “Spurred on by the belief that the fans of the show would choose to have the DVD released, I set out to make the best possible version of the DVD with the resources we had.”

He ended the letter by saying “And now, with very few exceptions, I am more excited to watch theese versions of the episodes than the originals. So I suppose that I have to grudingly admit that, change is good. At lease it can be. I hope you agree.”

The original Roswell sound team, including Post Producer Tracey D’Arcy, Music Supervisors Kevin Edelman and Alex Patsavas and Music Editors Marty Wereski and Scott Pettigrew added new songs and the music of some important scenes weren’t replaced.

Dido is singing the theme song of the show, Sarah McLachlan’s “Fear” plays in the background of the healing scene. U2’s “Walk On” can be heard at the end of the episode “Departure” of season two, when Tess leaves and Max tells Liz that he loves her. Some additional songs were added, as well.

Since the DVDs are on the market, fans are discussing the new music and with the help of the Roswell Media Blvd. Board users a lot of replaced music was located. With the help of these fans Yvonne, from, created a list. Additions have been made by the team and the listing has been completely revised by Leonard in 2018 and 2019. We are also in progress to add links to the songs or music videos as well as the social media pages of the artists.

A simple list with the original music has been added to the episode information pages. More detailed information and a screenshots that will help you to remember the scene can be found in the Music Guide section.

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