#101 The Pilot – Music

Song List: Chris Mollere, Scenes: Leonard, Links: Lena

1. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats “Coolin’ Out (Feat. Lucius)”

Album: Tearing at the Seams (2018)
Scene: Liz arrives at The Crashdown, talks to Grant and her dad.

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2. Edwin McCain “I’ll Be”

Album: Misguided Roses (1997)
Scene: Liz looks on the wall at the picture of Rosa.

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3. Counting Crows “Mrs. Potters Lullaby”

Album: This Desert Life (1999); Films About Ghosts – The Best of Counting Crows (2003)
Scene: Liz turns on the jukebox and starts cleaning. Max arrives and sees her dancing. Liz tells Max it’s her song, makes her feel better and Rosa loved it.

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4. The Hot Damns feat. Daisy Dash “Je Ne Sais Quoi”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Isabel leaves Noah tied up to save Max.

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5. Shovels & Rope “Evil”

Album: Swimmin’ Time (2014)
Scene: Michael in jail.

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6. Frances “Don’t Worry About Me”

Album: Things I’ve Never Said (2017)
Scene: Liz visits Rosa’s grave.

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7. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats “You Worry Me”

Album: Tearing at the Seams (2018)
Scene: Maria reads Hank’s hand. Liz arrives. They drink to Rosa.

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8. Punks & Snakes “BFG Blues”

Album: No Swagger (2014)
Scene: Liz and Maria still drinking, talking about Max.

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9. Tony Joe White “As The Crow Flies”

Album: The Train I’m On (1972); Deep Cuts (2008)
Scene: Liz and Kyle making out in the car.

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10. Lord Huron “Ancient Names, Pt. 1”

Album: Vide Noir (2018)
Scene: At the reunion, Michael tells Isobel be ready to erase Liz’s memories if she has to just like she did 10 years prior.

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11. Novo Amor “Carry You”

Album: Bathing Beach – EP (2017)
Scene: Max connects with Liz and shows her the first time they met.

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12. Houndmouth “Sedona”

Album: Little Neon Limelight (2015)
Scene: Michael and Alex talk at the reunion.

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13. Houndmouth “Mrs. Potters Lullaby”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Maria tells the band to start playing this to stop Liz and Max from leaving.

Exclusive live version for the show.

14. Sam Tinnesz “When The Truth Hunts You Down”

Album: When The Truth Hunts You Down – Single (2015)
Scene: Flashback of teenage Max watching Liz, Kyle and their friends dancing, while he’s standing outside of the Crashdown Café / Michael and Alex kiss / Max tells Isobel Liz can never know what really happened to Rosa.

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