#102 So Much For the Afterglow – Music

Song List: Chris Mollere, Scenes: Leonard, Links: Lena

1. Aquilo “Who Are You”

Album:  ii (2018)
Scene: Max drops Liz off at the Crashdown and she tells him she still wants to kiss him.

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2. Los Dos “Mujer”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Liz comes down to the Crashdown in her uniform. She asks why they are closed, Arturo tells her they are always vandalized on the anniversary of Rosa’s death.

3. Des Rocs “Give Me The Night”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: In Michael’s truck as he drives back to his trailer and finds Alex leaving him an eviction notice.

4. Stephen Edwards “Got You (Where I Want You)”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Isabel interrupting Michael drinking at Wild Pony.
Easter Egg:  “Got You Where I Want You” the original version by The Flys was used in the Roswell episode Heat Wave.

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5. Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown “Downtown Tonight”

Album: Wild Child (2013)
Scene: Max and Cameron interrupting Wyatt Long and his friends drinking session.

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6. Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown “Lipstick Wonder Woman”

Album: Wild Child (2013)
Scene: Cameron and Wyatt shoot the cans.

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7. Stephen Edwards “Two Princes”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Alex arrives at Wild Pony. He and Maria spot Michael at the bar. Maria says that Michael got hot. Liz then arrives and joins them.

8. Source In Sync “Far Too Long”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Liz asks Maria about “a fraudulent zodiac”.

9. Stephen Edwards “How’s It Going To Be”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Isabel tries convince Michael to talk to Max. They overhear Wyatt wanting to go to the Crashdown.

10. Gold Star “Come With Me”

Album: Big Blue (2017)
Scene: Maria and Alex talking at The Wild Pony.

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11. Third Eye Blind “God Of Wine”

Album: Third Eye Blind (1997)
Scene:Michael packing up his trailer; Max stops off to see Cameron; Michael and Alex talk; alternating shots of Max & Cameron and Michael & Alex having sex.

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