#107 I Saw the Sign – Music

Song List: Chris Mollere, Scenes: Leonard, Links: Lena

1. The Wild Feathers “Wildfire”

Album: Greetings from the Neon Frontier (2018)
Scene: Maria breaking in her new bouncer. Maria’s mom arrives.

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2. The Cadillac Three “Down To The River”

Album: The Cadillac Three (2012)
Scene: Maria manages to get Mimi out of one of her delusions just as Liz and Alex arrive; Mimi mistakes Liz for Rosa.

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3. Lilly Hiatt “Get This Right”

Album: Royal Blue (2015)
Scene: Maria telling Liz about her mother’s condition.

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4. Supergrass “Alright”

Album: I Should Coco (1995)
Scene: Liz brings Mimi her food and milkshake who mistakes her for Rosa again; Maria leaves for air, Liz follows; Mimi tells Alex that he has the same worried look as his father did many years ago.

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5. Jake Etheridge “Hollow (Everything)”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Isobel tells Max and Michael that she’ll be making decisions about her life from now on; Isobel checks herself into the hospital on a psych hold.

6. Natalie Taylor “Jumper”

Album: Jumper – Single (2019)
Scene: Noah tells Max he’s not giving up on Isobel; Max tells Liz that they’ve locked up Isobel, Liz tells him she’s destroying the serum, Max tells her to keep working on it; Cameron texts Manes to look into Max.

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