#205 I’ll Stand By You – Music

Song List: Chris Mollere, Scenes/Links/Album Info: Lena


  • What’s the distracted music in the dream walk scene of Max’ Crashdown nighmare version?
  • Music in the first and second flashback scene with Michael and Max at the Crashdown Cafe. Is it both Cactus?

1. Letters To Cleo “Here and Now”

Album: Aurora Gory Alice (1994)
Scene: The song plays on the old boom box in Rosa and Liz’s bed room. Rosa is working on a mural as Liz comes to tell her that their Papi is finally asleep. Liz can’t believe that they are all under the same roof and they are family again. Rosa tells her sister that she deserves her own room and suggests to Liz that she could move into Max’s house where she can get it ready for his return.
Music: Spotify | Apple

2. Lady Antebellum “Love Don’t Live Here”

Album: Lady Antebellum (2008)
Scene: Teenage Michael and Alex are kissing in the back of Michael’s pick-up truck. The romantic is gone when Alex tells Michael that he can’t be his medicine and Michael changed since Alex’ dad found them that night. Michael  is questioning Michael’s relationship with Max.
Music: Spotify | Apple

3. Cactus Groove “Fallin”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: (?) Teenage Michael and Max are sitting in a booth at the Crashdown.
Music: Spotify | Apple

4. James Talley “Big Thunder”

Album: Heartsong (2008)
Scene: Michael tells Isobel that he doesn’t want to do the 21st birthday thing. He still comes to help Isobel with a very drunken Max.
Music: Spotify | Apple

5. Lindsey Ray “Keep You Safe”

Single: Keep You Safe (2019)
Scene: The song starts playing when Isobel tells Liz to bring Max back and she’ll handle the rest. Kyle helps Liz to get Max out of the pod and they start to prepare him for the heart surgery.
Music: Spotify | Apple

6. Tommee Profitt feat. Sam Tinnesz “With you Til The End”

Album: Cinematic Songs – Vol. 6 (2019)
Scene: Michael finishes working on the pacemaker just in time and comes to the hospital where the surgery is going to begin soon. Isobel hugs him and Michael gives Liz the alien pacemaker he built in seven hours. Kyle starts the operation and Liz assists him.
Music: Spotify | Apple

7. Bright Eyes “First Day Of My Life”

Album: I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning (2005)
Scene: Isobel gets in Max’ mind when the monitors start beeping and things are getting critical in the operation room. She holds Max and tells  him that he’s not alone and that she will not let him go alone.
Music: Spotify | Apple

8. Ross Copperman “Stars Are On Your Side”

Single: Stars Are On Your Side (2019)
Scene: Michael is talking to Max who is lying in his bed still in coma. The song also plays as Rosa and Liz are sitting on the bench in front of Max’ house and Maria joins them.
Music: Spotify | Apple

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