#207 Como La Flor – Music

Song List: Chris Mollere, Scenes/Links/Album Info: Lena

1. Cactus Groove “This World”

Album: Unreleased
Scene:  Liz’ father suggests that she could whip up a Peanut Butter Blast-Off milkshake for Rosa and bring it upstairs. Helena Ortecho shows up after seven years gone.

2. Shelly Fairchild “Drive”

Album: Drive (2020)
Scene:  Max, Michael and Isabel are at the Wild Pony discuss the flashbacks or memories that Max has from before they came out of the pods.
Music: Spotify

3. Mathis Hunter “Mrs. Vinegar”

Album:  Mother Tongue (2019)
Scene: Michael goes to Maria to pay Max, Isobel and his bar tab. When Michael’s loose change drops on the bar Maria has a vision of Kyle standing in a light. She thinks he has been abducted.
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube

4. Big Stone City “Good For Zero”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: With Helena Ortecho downstairs in The Crashdown having diner with Arturo, Liz and Max, Rosa is secretly listening to them and gets upset. Back in her room, Rosa’s stereo starts booming a song out loud.

5. Big Stone City “Way Down Below”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Rosa listens loud to music with her earbuds as Isobel comes into her room.

6. Selena “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”

Album:  Dreaming Of You (1995)
Scene: Mrs. Ortecho asks Max to dance with her until Liz declares the party to be over and unplugs the jukebox.
Music: Spotify | Apple

7. Honey Country “Blood From A Stone”

Album: Honey County (2014)
Scene: Kyle and Maria are sitting outside of the Wild Pony bar. Michael joins them and tells what he found out about Maria’s Grandma Patty DeLuca who was there listed there under the maiden name Patricia Harris. She signed up to participate in an experimental trial at Caulfield prison. The Government was interested in weaponizing alien abilities. Kyle hurts his arm while leaving and Maria realizes that her vision is about to to happen, since Kyle had a ripped shirt in her vision earlier, as well.
Music: Spotify | YouTube

8. Elizabeth Moen “Best I Can Do”

Album: A Million Miles Away (2018)
Scene: Maria tells Michael what if her genetic inheritance isn’t just injustice, but  it’s also actual ‘superpowers’. She saved a life today.
Music: Spotify | Apple

9. Wagons “Keep Coming Back”

Album: Keep on Coming Back (2019)
Scene: Isobel and Michael are at The Wild Pony bar. She asks him if he thinks Noah picked her because she’s already broken.
Music: Spotify | Apple

10. AG “Where Is My Mind” (Pixies Cover)

Single: Unreleased
Scene: Isobel wants to know more about her biological parents and their past as well as Michael. He tells Isobel that Maria’s family was experimented on at Caulfield. Rosa sits under The Crashdown sign and decides to takes a pill she stole from her mother.
Pixies Single: Where Is My Mind (2020)
Music: Spotify | Apple

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