#208 Say It Ain’t So – Music

Song List: Chris Mollere, Song Addition/Scenes/Links/Album Info: Lena

Hole “Celebrity Skin”

Album:  Celebrity Skin (1998)
Scene: Liz and Isobel show Rosa different outfits, so that she can pretend to be ‘Rosalinda from Arizona’.
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Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real “Die Alone”

Album:  Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real (2017)
Scene: It’s Sangria Saturday at The Wild Pony and according to Max ‘a big hit’. Maria apologizes to Max to throw him to the wolves on his first day as a bartender.
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Shelly Fairchild “Worry No More”

Single: Worry No More (2020)
Scene: Isobel comes to The Wild Pony and talks to Maria about the necklace and powers.
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Marc Danzeisen “Some Things Last Forever”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Instead of Charlie Cameron, Max meets with Master Sergeant Jesse Manes at The Crashdown. He asks him about Jenna.

Joey Sykes “Sign Of The Times”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: Liz and Charlie join Max at The Crashdown and Max asks Jenna’s sister, if she knows anything about ‘Deep Sky’.

Radio Villains ”Wicked Man“

Album: Wicked Man (2016)
Scene: Alex and Forrest are playing paintball. They almost kiss.

I AM ORFA “Like That Look”

Album:  Unreleased
Scene: The dance music starts playing when Rosa arrives at Iris’s gallery.

Danny Ayer “Set Us Free”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: ?

Hamish Anderson “Trouble”

Single: Trouble (2016)
Scene: At The Wild Pony, Michael asks Maria about his phone calls she ignored.
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OMC “How Bizarre”

Album: How Bizarre (1996)
Scene: Rosa finishes her artwork and Iris asks her to dance, when “How Bizarre” starts playing at the gallery.
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Muscadine Bloodline “Movin’ On”

Single: Movin’ On (2018)
Scene: Alex meets Forrest at The Wild Pony and tells him about his past with his dad.
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Little May “Hide”

EP: Little May (2014)
Scene: Liz kisses Max on the hospital corridor. The scene changes to Isobel and Michael. She tells him about the flashback she and Maria had. Liz continues to pack up the secret lab. Isabel tells Michael about the vision and the windmill little Walt gave her mother and with this new knowledge Michael confronts Sanders about being Walt and knowing his mom when he was a child. Charlie tells Max that she can protect her sister Jenna by going inside ‘Deep Sky’.
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