#210 American Woman – Music

Song List: Chris Mollere, Scenes/Links/Album Info: Lena

1. Shelly Fairchild “Worry No More”

EP: Worry No More (2020)
Scene: Liz and Max are in bed. She checks his vitals and tells him that his heartbeat is irregular and asks, if he has been getting enough rest.
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2. Powerslide “Just You And I”

Album: Unreleased
Scene: At The Crashdown: Alex wants to pick up an order and meets Forrest there, who is writing in his poetry book.

3. Will Fox “Against The Tide”

Album: Which Way (2019)
Scene: Isobel and Maria are talking at the Wild Pony bar. Michael gives Maria a gift. The beads are made with pollen from the alien flower that grows at Loise’s grave.
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4. Tommee Profitt feat. Sam Tinnesz “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”

Album: Covers (Vol. 1) (2020)
Scene: Liz is sleeping and Max is having a drink before he takes out a hidden small bottle from a box. He drinks it. It’s still around 4 AM and Liz gets a call from Diego. He tells her that the drug ‘butyricol’ she asked him about is a memory eraser developed by a private organization and purchased by the militare for weaponization. Max sees a flashback from the time he was still on their home planet. He has leg irons and Louise came to rescuing him.
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