Crash Site Wool – the perfect gift???

Melinda was kind enough to share this link with us. It’s where the idea for the crash site wool came from, which Liz talks about. It turns out someone is actually selling it as a product! I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I might.

Crash Site Wool

In early July 1947, a flying saucer allegedly crashed to the ground at a site northwest of Roswell, New Mexico. The site is now part of a sheep ranch. Crash Site WooL products are made with wool from sheep that have grazed on land surrounding the alleged crash site. Processing of the wool takes place almost entirely in New Mexico.

Crash Site WooL products range from the silly to the serious. Our product line will change over time, so be sure to check back with us periodically.

In the past the alleged crash site has produced speculation. Now you can own what sheep at the site produce today – New Mexico wool!

[The Wool website is not online anymore.]


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