Deal of a Lifetime- Shiri’s New Movie

Thanks to MarkR for sending in details of Shiri’s upcoming movie.

Shiri’s new movie- “Deal Of A Lifetime”
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Kevin Pollak, Michael A. Goorjian, Jennifer Rubin, Shiri Appleby
Director: Paul Levine
Producer: Dan Helberg and Y.P. Omtal
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 94 Minutes
Rights: Worldwide

Jerry is a hot-shot agent for the Devil. But, the boss is outraged that Jerry has not signed any new souls in a year. He is sent to recruit Henry, an innocent 17-year-old boy within a week’s time or be sent back to the “boiler room” where the other rejects in Hell work as telemarketers.
Henry is a senior at Creighton High with a big crush on Laurie Petler (Shiri Appleby), every teenage boy’s fantasy. Kevin Johnson has everything Henry wants. Kevin is captain of the football team, editor for the school paper, popular and Laurie’s boyfriend.

Assuming a range of disguises, Jerry begins to slowly seduce Henry by systematically improving Henry’s popularity. Soon Laurie takes an interest in Henry. Henry’s new found popularity has a price, however. As he moves closer to his goals, he moves farther away from his best friend, Foster, and steps on the ambitions of Peggy (Foster’s love interest). Through his trickery, Jerry finally succeeds in getting Henry’s signature on the contract.


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