Last night’s ratings

From Ultimate TV:

Wednesday Belongs To ABC
Thu, Jan 13, 2000 07:19 AM PST

LOS ANGELES ( – Overnight Metered Market Ratings for Wednesday, January 12, 2000.

ABC continued to blow all other ships out of the water, taking a Wednesday night (January 12) lead with top ratings from “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.” The alphabet net pulled a 14.2 rating/21 share for the night (last week, 7.9/12). CBS came in second place with a 9.4/14 (8.9/13), thanks to its Wednesday night movie, “A Father’s Choice.” NBC held onto third with an 8.8/13 (11.5/17), with help from “West Wing” and “Law & Order.” FOX pulled up in fourth place with a 5.0/7 (8.5/13), getting a boost from the long-standing “Beverly Hills, 90210.” UPN grabbed fifth place with a 4.1/6 (3.4/5), while the WB took a 3.5/5 (3.1/5) for sixth.

ABC led off the night with “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire,” which took the nights top honors: 20.4/31 (last week, “Two Guys and A Girl,” 6.7/10; “It’s like, you know…” 6.2/9). “The Drew Carey Show” followed at 9 p.m., grabbing a healthy 13.8/20 (9.0/13). A special episode of “Spin City” at 9:30 kept the numbers high, scoring an 11.4/17 (last week, “Norm” 8.0/12). “20/20” averaged a 9.8/16 (8.7/14) at 10 p.m. to close out the night.

CBS led off Wednesday with a repeat of “JAG,” which only managed a 6.4/10 (last week, “King of Queens” 7.9/12). At 8:30, the CBS Wednesday movie “A Father’s Choice” averaged an 11.0/17, peaking at 10:30 with an 11.7/19 (last week, “Sabrina” 9.1/14).

NBC started off the night with the newsmagazine “Dateline,” which, now up against “Millionaire,” saw a significant drop from last week to a 4.9/7 (10.3/16). A new “The West Wing” brought a 10.5/16 (10.4/15) at 9 p.m. The political drama was followed by an encore “Law & Order,” which raked in an 11.1/18 (14.0/23).

FOX started the night with “Beverly Hills, 90210,” which logged a 6.2/9. (last week, “TV Scandals,” 9.0/14). “…90210” was followed by “Get Real” at 9 p.m., taking a 4.0/6 (last week, “Greed” 8.1/12).

UPN filled the primetime hours with “7 Days,” pulling a 3.8/6 (3.5/5). “Star Trek Voyager” followed at 9 p.m., nabbing a 4.4/7 (3.3/5).

“Dawson’s Creek” began the night for The WB, grabbing a 3.9/6 (3.4/5). It was followed by the teen alien drama “Roswell,” which garnered a 3.1/5 (2.8/4).