Season of Autumn Brings New Television Shows

Thanks to PoWeRGrL5000 for sending this article in from her school paper.

From The Seminole:

“The paper of the past, present, and future…”
Volume XXXII Issue 1
October 1999

Season of autumn brings new television shows
by: Andrew Thornton – Co-Editor in Chief

Ally (FOX)- This is a by-product of the very extremely popular and hilarious show Ally McBeal. It resulted from all the extra clips of film that were leftover from the time constraints of the hit one-hour show. It’s like watching a rerun. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably say, “haven’t I seen this before?”

Angel (WB)- This is a spin-off of the popular show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The opening soundtrack is an emotionally charged violin piece, but the rest of the show leaved something to hope for. The characters are very flimsy and ever transparent at times. The plot is trite and lacks the quality of “greatness” that its parent show has. It will surely rate well with the young female teen crows, though.

Once and Again (ABC)- Imagine being a divorcee with children. You live in a relativey small community where people know your every move. This show is actually decent. It takes events in this divorcee dating relationship and uses almost interview like techniques to accent the show. This is one of the best shows of the new season.

Now and Again (CBS)- It’s the new generation of the Six Million Dollar man. This show is entertaining and has a quality of adventure. It’s surprisingly funny and very emotional. It’s a show that should be watched this fall.

Action (FOX)- Again with the want to be movie scripts. This show isn’t funny and the only this to look forward to is seeing a few stars. The language is unnecessarily harsh and very rough, and is excessively sexually charged. Ask yourself if you really want to sit through half an hour of garbage.

Popular (WB)- Although this show pokes fun at teenage life and you can tell that the actors aren’t the age that they say are, it is still a decent show. The “lessons” that this show portray are almost accurate. We all travel in our own circles and this show does an okay job of showing this, but it loses points on junky cinematography effects.

Coldfeet (NBC)- Coldfeet was a movie script that didn’t quite take off. In
one episode six weeks pass. If you watch this show, you will find that the acting skills aren’t as good as you would think. They even pause for you to laugh. The highlights of this show were sticking a rose in a place that it shouldn’t be and someone getting hit in the face with an elbow.

Odd Man Out (ABC)- This is almost exactly like Ladies Man except instead of a middle age man, it’s a teenage boy. Don’t waste your time.

Ladies Man (CBS)- Can you say vomit? You can tell the guy’s accent is fake. It’s also melodramatic and not that funny. Maybe a person of my age is too young to understnad this situation, but we’re not stupid and we’re not going to waste time frying our brains.

Roswell (WB)- Captivating in an odd and strange sort of way, I think that this will be the next Dawson’s Creek for the WB. It’s one of those teenage trend shows. The focus of the show is a girl who finds out that her once ordinary life…isn’t as ordinary as she thought is was. Oh, and there are aliens who leave glowing silver fingerprints.


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