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Frakes Sees Roswell Pickup

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Frakes Sees Roswell Pickup

Jonathan Frakes, co-executive producer of The WB’s hit teen alien series Roswell, is confident the freshman show will be picked up for another year. “I think that Roswell is going to make it,” Frakes told Starburst magazine.

“It seems to have the teen-age girl demographic, which is what the WB has circled as their goal,” Frakes said. “So I have very high hopes that we will be back next year.”

“I talked to [co-executive producer] Jason Katims yesterday,” Frakes said. “Jason is the
show runner and he was told that the decision won’t be made until May. We have a big four- or five-episode arc at the end of the season that will hopefully attract attention. I’m going to be directing one of those episodes. I’ve done one, I’m starting my second episode next week, and I’ll probably do one after that.”


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