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The Joy of Sets (small spoiler)

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The Joy of Sets

From: The Winnipeg Sun

Winnipeg-raised actor Brendan Fehr, clad in a Metallica T-shirt and grey toque, joins the rest of the cast in the Crash Down Cafe on the set of the WB/CTV teen drama shot at Paramount Studios on Melrose Avenue. Fehr, who plays rebellious teen alien Michael,
is on a break from shooting a scene with Majranda Delfino, his contentinous human romantic interest Maria on the show and clostest co-star off the set. “We get along really well,” he says. “It’s funny – our characteres, in terms of our relationship, are very close to Maria and Michael. I mean, we fight a lot and our personalities are such that we enjoy the

Fehr will be seen in the feature film Final Destination next month.

In the meantime…


Even though it has only one classroom to speak of, Roswell High seems perfectly normal on the surface. But there is something odd about the urinals in the girls’ washroom. And if you check out the school trophy case, you’ll see plaques for a Family Feud game show champion and a Glendale Senior Slowpitch consolation prize. Apparently, these kids are not big on athletics. Too many extraterrestrial activities?

The Crash Down Cafe, where Liz (Shiri Appleby) and alien Max (Jason Behr) first made contact, is chock full of alien memorabilla, which is only fitting since Roswell, N.M., is the site of an infamour UFO crash in July 1947. Guests can buy UFO models, alien dolls, and
crash-site bumper stickers. Lunch specials include Unidentified Fried Objects, a Tossed Alien’s Salald or a Will Smith Innocent ByStander Burger at our-of-this world prices – only $2 to $3.


There’s a new girl in town starting in March, and she shakes things up for the rest of the season when she takes an interest in Max – and he returns the compliment.


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