“Felicity,” “Roswell” in WB Shuffle

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“Felicity,” “Roswell” in WB Shuffle
by Marcus Errico
Mar 2, 2000, 3:15 PM PT

It’s retooling time for the Frog.

Mired in a season-long ratings slump, the desperate WB is undergoing a major schedule shake-up in hopes of goosing its Nielsens.

Wednesday will soon be angst night on the WB, as Felicity checks into the post-Dawson’s Creek 9 p.m. slot beginning April 5. Moving Felicity to Sundays proved to be a bigger disaster than Keri Russell’s haircut: This season the show is ranked a dismal 130th and seen, on average, in about 2.4 million homes, down nearly a million from last season when it aired on Tuesdays (and Russell’s locks were intact).

With Felicity moving in, Roswell will be taking off. The WB is moving the aliens-in-high school drama to Monday night at 9 p.m., after 7th Heaven, to compete with UPN’s Star Trek: Voyager. The network says it will revamp the series, playing up the sci-fi angle. Roswell currently ranks 125th for the season with an average viewership of 3.8 million.

With Jack & Jill going bye-bye March 19 and Felicity shifting nights, the WB needs to fill its Sunday- night slots. Beginning April 2, the new drama D.C. will air at 8 p.m., followed by a reprise of last summer’s sitcom Movie Stars at 9 and the third go-round for the Selma Blair sitcom Zoe at 9:30.

Meanwhile, the WB is also in negotiations to steal Eddie Murphy’s “foamation” comedy The PJs from Fox, Daily Variety reports. WB execs want the toon, about a building super and his zany tenants, to air as part of the net’s Friday-night comedy block.

Fox, which never scored serious ratings with The PJs, left the show off its fall schedule, allowing the show’s producer, Disney-based Imagine Television, to shop the show elsewhere.


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