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Thanks to SVloveydovey for sending this in. As soon as the whole chat transcript is available (or is sent in by some kind soul), it will show up here. In the mean time, here is a segment:

OnlineHost: *** You are in “TV Guide On AOL”. ***
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Question: Which one of the guys do you like better?
TVGDelfino: My favorite guy, because he is hilarious is Nick Wechler. He plays Kyle.
TVGDelfino: In real life he is hilarious.
TVGLive4: Right now, we’re talking with Majandra Delfino from the series, “Roswell”.
Question: What’s your favorite movie?
TVGDelfino: The Last Unicorn.
TVGLive4: Right now, we’re talking with Majandra Delfino from the series, “Roswell”.
Question: How would you describe the real life personalitites your castmates
Question: and yourself?
TVGDelfino: I would say that Brendon is kind of a dork.
TVGDelfino: He’s just a real homebody.
TVGDelfino: He might as well be into computers and make them.
TVGDelfino: He’s very nerdy in a good way.
TVGDelfino: Sheri is kind of kind of like a real high school sort of girl.
TVGDelfino: She has the surfer boyfriend, real normal.
TVGDelfino: Katie is proper and polite.
TVGDelfino: Jason is real kooky and fun.
TVGDelfino: Nick is hilarious. He’s a genius.
TVGDelfino: Colin is not like his character at all.
TVGDelfino: He’s like real casual and calm and not the least bit dorky.
TVGDelfino: I really don’t know about me.
TVGDelfino: You’ll have to ask my mom about that one.
TVGDelfino: William is like the most kiddish one on set.
TVGDelfino: He makes fart noises and is really out of hand.
TVGLive4: Thanks Majandra! We had a great time and please come back soon!
TVGDelfino: Thank you for coming. I hopefully, will see you soon.
TVGDelfino: Best wishes.
TVGDelfino: Keep watching.
TVGDelfino: Wed at 9PM EST.
TVGLive4: Goodnight!
OnlineHost: Thank you for joining us tonight at
OnlineHost: TV Guide on AOL.


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