Report from New York Roswell Fest

More Reports from the Front Lines! Thanks as always to MyrnaLynne!

Hey, Squanto! Roving reporter MyrnaLynne here – Rosfest NY was a total blast and huge success! Here’s an incredibly poor-quality group pic, not even all the 45 or so folks who met for lunch at Mars restaurant yesterday (never get them done at Ritz Camera!) – “lunch” ran from 12:15 til about 5 p.m., and some of the party goers had to split by then! We had food, raffles, trivia contests, tons of party favors, group pix, you name it! – That’s me in the cowboy hat (looking like a total horses’s petoot), between my DreamGuy bud Elliott and Melinda Metz. That’s CourtneyLynn leaning her chin on the railing at the right. Behind Elliott in hot pink is CityGirl. Below CourtneyLynn with the short red hair and star pin is Black Widow! Also there someplace are Marclyn, AlienChick, Caity, Nerie and Vigie, Betty (far left, in blue, with star), Rebecca, Pleides, Loki, and a bunch more FF folk!

And it’s all thanks to Roswell, you and Crashdown that we came together. Hugs, oh not-completely-fearless leader guy! –

More pics are available here!



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