Roswell Revamp

Thanks to Jamie, and Janet who both sent this in!

From Fort Worth Star Telegram:

March 12, 2000

Abstracted from:LIFE & ARTS Going, Going Gone? It’s last call for shows like ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ ‘Felicity’ and ‘Sports Night’ – watch them, or they could be outta here

Ken Parish Perkins

Meanwhile, the alien romantic thriller Roswell is headed for Monday nights. But be warned: the WB plans to revamp this charming little series by playing up the sci-fi angle and slowing down what I liked best about the series: the complications of alien socialization among us.

But the WB figures it’s got to do something. Roswell currently ranks 125th for the season, with an average viewership of 3.8 million. (the WB midseason reinforcements include the new drama D.C., about young people working in the nation’s capital, and Movie Stars, the resurrected comedy about a family headed by actors.)


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