TV Critic gives Majandra Delfino the title of……

I found this in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

John’s favorite supporting characters of the new season

November 15, 1999
by John Levesque
TV Critic

People latch onto new shows for many reasons. The stars. The look. The music. The writing. Me? I’m captivated by supporting actors.

Alyson Hannigan keeps me coming back to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Ditto Amy Jo Johnson on “Felicity.” Robert Guillaume on “Sports Night.” In the six new series featured in today’s column, outstanding support is a commonality. Here are six backup players who deserve more air time.

Majandra Delfino
Character: Liz Parker’s spunky best friend on “Roswell.”

You may have seen her in: The all-girl, Latin-styled pop group China Doll in the early ’90s.

Last word: Thanks to her Venezuelan father and Cuban-American mother, few names are as much fun to say as Majandra (muh-HAHN-druh) Delfino

For all six people John named for best supporting character, please click the link above to read the entire article