Renewal Roundup

Here’s a sampling of what various media are saying about Roswell’s ratings/renewal chances:

Sent in by bostonjan.

Max (Jason Behr) and Michael (Brendan Fehr) are the cutest teen aliens on TV. Instead of sending them back to the planet they came from, WB needs to make them feel at home here on Earth. The show was getting so-so ratings on Wednesdays. Maybe the planets will align and the move to Mondays will send ratings rocketing.

Sent in by Megan. HollyWood Reporter:

Roswell Likes Mondays Roswell performed all right in its first
appearance as part of the WB’s Monday night line-up. The teen science
fiction drama averaged 3.8 million viewers in the 9 to 10 PM time slot,
improving on the 3.5 million viewers it averaged on
Wednesdays. More importantly, Roswell chalked up this season’s best
lead-in retention rate for any show following ratings-strong 7th Heaven.

Sent in by Janet. Sun-Sentinel Ft. Lauderdale :

Thursday’s Charmed and Popular are probably safe, too, but Roswell could vanish like an alien in the desert. And there hasn’t been an idea rejected as quickly and roundly as D.C. since Hillary Clinton’s health care proposal.

Sent in by James. Tampa Tribune: In today’s Tampa Tribune our television critic included information on our ‘Roswell is Hot’ campaign. Quoting:

“Fans of the alien love story ‘Roswell’ have mailed more than 3,000
bottles of Tabasco sauce to The WB as part of a campaign to get the
series renewed.
Aliens on the show douse their food with the hot stuff. Beginning
today, ‘Roswell’ moves from Wednesday nights to 9p.m,. Mondays”

Sent in by Janice and Janet.

The WB’s shift of “Roswell” to Mondays looks promising: Airing behind an original “7th Heaven” (5.99 million, 2.1 in A18-49), the rookie sci-fi drama drew 3.79 million viewers and a 1.4 in adults 18-49. Its retention levels, the best for any series to follow “Heaven” this season, included 61% in total viewers, 67% of adults 18-49, 70% of adults 12-34 and 77% of adults 18-34. “Roswell” was also the No. 1 show in its slot in both male and female teens.

Palm Beach Post (Monday):

Roswell is in trouble. Big trouble. There’s a good chance
this fine, alien/teen drama won’t be back next season. The show’s ratings haven’t exactly set Nielsen records. That’s why the WB moved Roswell to Monday nights. I’m not sure that’s going to help. Stiff competition in Ally McBeal and Everybody Loves Raymond will give Roswell fits.

You have to give credit to the show’s fans. Every since they got wind that Roswell might be history, they began a massive campaign to keep the show alive. Fans even sent the WB 2,100 bottles of Tabasco sauce – the aliens’ favorite condiment. To encourage TV critics to hype the show, the WB sent us a bottle as well. I, however, don’t need prodding to hype Roswell . I liked the show from the start. I still do. At times, Max and Liz boast more heat than Mulder and Scully. Romance. Aliens. Intrigue. Roswell has it all. What it doesn’t have is enough viewers. You can help change that tonight.


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