CTV Schedule for last 3 episodes

Thanks to Tinyman for sending this in:

This past Monday, CTV, which is the network that carries Roswell on cable in Canada, chose to show ABC’s Who Wants to Be A Millionaire instead of broadcasting “Max to the Max”. This isn’t the first time they’ve pre-empted the show but I was particularly peeved that they chose to do it at such a critical time in both the storyline and the impending decision on the future of the show. I understand why CTV chose to show the #1 rated show in N.A. over Roswell but I couldn’t understand why our local TV guide for next week carries the description of The White Room. In other words, it looked like they were planning on just ignoring “Max to the Max”!!!!! In response to an email that I sent them indicating my displeasure, they sent the following


Thank you for your email. The episode of Roswell that aired on WB on May 1 (Max to the Max) will air on CTV on May 8. The episode that will air on WB on May 8 on WB (The White Room) will air on CTV on May 15. The episode that will air on WB on May 15 (Destiny) will air on CTV on May 22.

We hope you will enjoy the final three episodes of the season.

Thank you for taking the time to contact CTV.


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