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Majandra’s Songs On Line

Thanks to Cogency and beanz for sending this in!

Majandra Delfino’s first 3 songs she spoke of recently have been produced and released to the web by Art Martinez and Anthony Rodriguez of Sci-Fi Lullaby, a progressive space pop group whose songs also have been released in MP3 form on MP3.com. The songs are “Bruised”, “Siren” and “Tattoo”, written and performed by Majandra of course. The style is a kind of progressive pop and is very original and creative.

Sexy music of the 21st century!

You can view a new picture of her and check out their site where the clips are located:

And Mike from www.majandra-delfino.com sent this:

We all heard Majandra exercise her vocal cords on Roswell, singing the classic Phil Collins song, “In The Air Tonight”. But now Majandra has taken her natural talent one step further, she currently teamed up with producers, Sci-Fi Lullaby and has come out with three songs which will most likely end up on her debut CD, (release date unknown). All three songs are extremely
deep and thought provoking, they show a side of Majandra that many of us have never seen before. We are currently used to seeing Majandra as the fashion savvy Maria, best friend to Liz Parker on the critically acclaimed drama, “Roswell”. Nothing but success is destined for this talented actress with the voice of an angel. More information on her album and career, as well as links to downloads for her three songs can be found at www.majandra-delfino.com


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