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Frakes on Trek 10, Roswell

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May 27, 2000

In a recent interview with, STAR TREK: THE NEXT
GENERATION’s Jonathan Frakes talked about both his hopes for another TREK
movie, and his hopes for the upcoming second season of the show he helps to produce, WB’s ROSWELL.

In talking about another entry on the TREK big screen canon, Frakes said the
NEXT GENERATION cast would be returning, with possibly members of other TREK shows as well.

“That’s fun for the fans and for the other actors,” Frakes was quoted. When
talking about what he wanted to see for the new TREK movie, Frakes said, “I
think the next STAR TREK movie has to be huge, a huge intergalactic war,” he said. “It has to have action and humor. Fans of the movies – and those who make them – would like to see a big, all-out war.”

In talking about the new season of ROSWELL, Frakes let drop, “We’ll see a
love triangle with Max and Liz and Ness We’ll be introducing an entire new
race of shape-shifting aliens who live among us.”

He also mentioned some tonal changes between the first and second seasons. “WB and Fox, who produces the show, have encouraged us to be more science-fiction, more like X-FILES, with less teen angst. We have the alien mythology to address, and that puts us in a different place.”