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Majandra in MXG

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From MXG, June 2000:

As Maria on the hit WB show Roswell, Majandra Delfino has been entrusted to keep a big secret: Three of her fellow students are aliens and are hiding that fact from the FBI, among others. But the real life Majandra insists she’s got no deep,dark secrets to hide when the cameras stop rolling.

As partial proof,she offers us a glimpse inside her underwear drawer,of all places.”It’s the only thing in my room that’s perfect. Every pair is folded just
right.” Like at Victoria’s Secret? “Even better,” she boasts,”Whenever anyone comes to my house, I show them my underwear drawer because I’m so proud of it.” Freakish? Not exactly. But definitely quirky and unique,traits that make this small screen star sparkle among a slew of new TV teens.

Nonetheless,Majandra isn’t so convinced she’s a standout actress.”I’m not a real actress”,she insists. “I don’t find it my passion,I just thought it would be really cool experience to be in a movie.” So at age 15,while attending a performing arts high school to focus on her signing, Majandra started sneaking behind her parents’ backs to audition for a local Miami talent agency.

“They would send me out on anything”, she says.”Sometimes I’d go out for a role as a 40-year-old!” She eventually scored a callback on what became her first movie,Zeus and Roxanne,forcing her to hell her parents about her furtive auditioning. To her surprise,her parents were supportive of her wanting to
act. They’d always suspected their daughter had a flair for the dramatic,something Majandra attributes to watching her favorite movie-The Last Unicorn-no fewer than 80 times.Before long, she was quoting some of movie’s dialouge regularly. “If there was a mean kid at school, I’d be like, ‘He’s cruel. He’s not kind. ‘And I’d recite it like it was poetry.” You might say she was
training for her impending career.

Believe it or not though, Majandra actually dreams of crunching numbers for a living. “I love math. I’m so left-brained, it’s scary.” Her cell phone rings an
odd, electronic, Latin-music inspired beep.” The ring is like called the Samba, and I love it!” she says enthusiastically about her new phone that features more than 40 different types of rings. “I wanted mine to be really obnoxious.Brendan (Fehr) wants me to use the rodeo one, and Jason (Behr) wants me to put it on this Charleston thing.”

From the way she talks about her co-stars, it’s obvious that the Roswell cast is a close-knit crew. What will she do when they break for summer hiatus? “I want to take scuba diving lessons and horseback riding lessons and learn how to drum, but I can see myself just watching TV every day”. And maybe wasting time with someone special? Motormouth Majandra falls slient.We know what her underwear drawer is like, sure, but perhaps we just stumbled on that deep, dark secret she says doesn’t exist.

The photoshoot crew engages in a game of 20 questions to reveal Majandra’s love interest. Is it someone from the acting business? Yes.Would we know who this person is? Maybe. From TV or the movies? Both. Despite the prodding,she keeps mum about the indentity ,but she’s happy to talk about love in general. A self confessed romantic, Majandra says she’s attracted to guys with the right combination of machismo and shy soulfulness-think of Johnny Depp type. “I like a guy who’s a real guy, but not too much that he expects to make me a hoagie while he watches TV”, she says, and then asserts that she doesn’t want to get
married. Ever.

Something else that turns her off is when the guy she’s been hanging out with for a few weeks suddenly declares his undying love.

Majandra’s advice-even if she’s feeling the same way-is to stay slient. “True
love takes time to develop, and grows from friendship.” Speaking of friends, a disheveled Brendan Fehr (Roswell’s Michael Guerin), clad in a Metallica concert
tee and a black knit cap, stops by to hang out and wait for Majandra to finish her interview.

Before she departs, she lets us in on a particular wish for her career. “My dream is to be in a Got Milk? ad” she says,sipping a glass of whole milk. “I drink about
four of five glasses a day. I must have the healthiest bones.” It seems a bit of an offbeat goal, just the kind of thing to punctuate Majandra’s unique personality.

When Majandra’s friend and co-star Brendan Fehr unexpectedly showed up at her interview, we jumped at the chance to hear the inside scoop.

MXG: Describe Majandra.
BF: She’s difficult and confrontational. She picks fights with me about everything, but we have fun fighting just as much as we do getting along.

MXG: Do you think you’re a lot alike?
BF: We’re both pretty stubborn, and we both think we’re wiser beyond our years.

MXG: Tell us something she won’t.
BF: She always has the director yelling at her to be quiet because she’s always yapping.


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