Articles from the UK’s Sunday Express

Thanks to Jan for sending these in!

The Sunday Express is the magazine that comes with the Express national newspaper in the UK.

From: Sunday Express Magazine dated 21- 27th May 2000

THURSDAY 25th MAY – Roswell High 8pm Sky One

When this new series first started it seemed like it would be another Beverly Hills 90210 type scenario that just happened to be set in Roswell, New Mexico. Instead we have something more in the vein of The X-files, but slightly less dark, with the sort of subtle special effects that are far more effective than the obvious in-your-face stuff. Based on the books by Melinda Metz, the premise is the famous Roswell Incident of 1947 actually left behind a group of young aliens. (If all aliens are as good looking as this lot, beam me up right now, Scottie, and that�s an order.) Tonight, shape-shifter Nasedo masquerades as Max (Jason Behr) to kidnap Liz (Shiri Appleby) in an attempt to trick FBI Agent Pierce into “revealing” himself. It doesn�t take Liz long to discover it�s not her beloved Max. This show
is so big in the US that the main group of actors are being used in the current Levis ‘Lot 53’ advertising campaign. Sit back and enjoy.

From Sunday Express Magazine dated 4 – 10th June 2000:

Thursday 8th June – ROSWELL HIGH Sky One 8pm

Fans of Roswell High will be happy to know that the campaign which involved swamping the US Warner Bros executives with hundreds of bottles of Tabasco (the favoured tipple of The Alien Three) was a success and the series has been renewed for a second season. Hooray! Sadly, tonight is the last of the current run and may see us all reaching for the tissue box. Anyone who has followed the rather tortuous path of true love between Max and Liz, Michael and Maria and to a lesser extent Alex and Isabel are not in for a relaxing evening. Many of the answers that the aliens have been searching
for are revealed – while some very ominous reasons to their true purpose for being here begin to become clear Look out for this series becoming the new �Buffy� when it hits BBC2’s screens this autumn.