Roswell Mentioned In More Magazines

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From the Philadelphia Daily News: they picked last nights episode as a “TURN ON” for the night…this may be old news now, but it shows that the writer is supportive of the show.


The arrival of a new curator (guest star Desmond Askew) at the UFO museum gives Max (Jason Behr) the biggest test of his leadership to date. After Michael (Brendan Fehr) almost loses his life breaking into the museum in search of the truth, he and Isabel (Katherine Heigl) tell Max it’s decision time: The man must be eliminated.

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In a sidebar to the article “Get Hell-Bent on Making Love Happen!” in the
November 2000 issue of Glamour, there’s a small (almost infinitesimal!)
mention of Liz and Max. In the section, “Single sitcom women who
sympathize”, the last photo is of Max and Liz with a caption that reads,
“Roswell, Liz is wasting precious time trying to get an unattainable alien to
commit. Manhunt Makeover: Her number-one man must have? Find one who’s

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I don’t know how “important” this is…..or even exactly what it
means…..but this blurb appears in the Northeast Ohio/Erie
(Pennsylvania) edition of TV Guide for the week of October 8-15:

Monday, 10/8 – Roswell – 9PM
“Max struggles with his new role as the sole leader of the alien
quartet. Michael aggravates the situation by questioning Max’s plan,
which calls for them all to “blend in”.
(At press time, it was likely that The WB would air this episode, and
not the one described in their ad).

First of all……that description sounds very much like the upcoming
2nd episode, “Ask Not” (so why would the WB not be airing this
particular episode at this time)? Secondly — there is NO “ad” anywhere
in this edition of the TV Guide, pertaining to Roswell!