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National Post-Where Have All The Cuties Gone?

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Where have all the cuties gone?
Why, oh why, is Hollywood stealing away all our homegrown hunks? Sigh

Rebecca Eckler, with files from Brenda Bouw
National Post

Winnipeg native Brendan Fehr insists he never wanted to be an actor. Alas, he was just too cool not to be on TV.

Yet another American series season premiere airs tonight, featuring yet another young Canadian male hottie. Sigh. What in the world, one has to wonder, did these young men eat with their milk while growing up in Canada?

Take Brendan Fehr, for a start, the 22-year-old star of Roswell, a suspenseful drama that blends science fiction with the pangs of young adulthood. “I didn’t ever want to be an actor. I had no intention of becoming one,” said Fehr recently in Toronto.

Yet another lucky young thing who just “fell” into entertainment success, crossed the border and now seems only to visit Canada occasionally for interviews. Sigh.

It all started for Fehr, who grew up in Winnipeg, while he was on vacation in Vancouver. He was looking for a quick way to make some easy cash. His friends advised him to try modelling, and, within a week, Fehr scored an agent and landed a guest starring role on the television series Breaker High. It was his first audition. Sigh.

“My agent figured I looked cool enough to be on TV,” he explains.

Fehr not only looks cool. He reeks cool. He drips cool. His brown hair is ’70s-styled, Beck-like. His nose is model-perfect straight. His lips are wide and pouty. He’s definitely a pretty boy, but drinks his coffee black and wears a thick chain, hanging from his pants pocket — so perfectly cool, it throws you a bit.

Like most stars, the well-known and the not so well-known, his biography features the usual “He currently lives in Los Angles” line at the bottom. Fehr has lived in L.A for just over a year, since landing the role of Michael Guerin on Roswell.