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???????’s and #%@$^#@’s

Brendan answered a couple of questions by fans. You can read them all here.

Mrs. George Eads – Hello B.Fe. You modeled for Superstore Flyer huh? Well, what a coincidence! Me too. I was in one of the April 1987 flyers, which one were you in? You better have not been the kid in the track suit kicking me in the back. If so… payback..

I did those pretty often. I’ve been in more than one! Please! This isn’t amateur hour ya know. And no, no track suit, I was strictly a jogging suit guy.

HeavyMetalQueen – I was just curious as to what is your new puppy’s name is, the one you showed the viewers in your last ET interview? Oh! does wolfman & the new puppy get along? (did you get a new puppy? or is she mistaking it for Wolf who probably still looks like a puppy?)

Not a new puppy but maybe the wife’s dog I adopted. Her name is Poppy and she’s a rescue.

Maryann – Merry Christmas Hapy New Year – what cha do where did you spend the holidays ?

Boston and Vancouver. Ya get what ya asked for on that one didn’t ya?

Vinity – Brendan, just wondering if you got a new truck? Or have you moved into the miniVan stage of life. I had to do that, it hurts.

I’ve invested in a Toyota Camry Hybrid. I had to hang up the guzzler. Too much driving and too much gas. The car is really sweet.