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Brendan Fehr’s TV directorial debut aired yesterday on Lifetime. If you missed the premiere … or you want to watch it again, please head on over to and watch the short online. (Subscribers only via TV provider). “The Ugly Christmas Sweater” is available until January 7th, 2018.

You can also watch it on Lifetime again, too:

Sunday, Dec. 3, 11:47 PM ET
Monday, Dec. 4, 3:48 AM ET
Monday, Dec. 4, 11:47 PM ET
Tuesday, Dec. 5, 3:33 AM ET
Sunday, Dec. 10, 10:15 AM ET

The Ugly Christmas Sweater

During her first days working at a social media company, Megan’s team is tasked with finding the best Christmas hashtag and she is determined to be the one to do so to impress her boss and the cute guy in her cubicle. However, when she is forced to wear her eccentric grandmother’s gift—an ugly Christmas sweater—her unfortunate turn of events may well be the key to winning over her new boss and her new beau.

Aired on: Dec 02, 2017
Available Until: Jan 07, 2018
Duration: 10m 46s

Written by: Anna White
Directed by: Brendan Fehr

Official website:

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